Botanical Curtains ensures simple charm and presents an aesthetic element

Beautify your rooms by adding an enchantment touch. The right choice is the botanical curtains to the interiors. The leafy prints with fruits cluttered bring out the natural feel to your room. Taking a delicate horticultural approach to limelight means to have softer floral, tropical prints amidst the green shades.

Purple Floral and Lace curtains

The botanical trend of this season highlights the fresh obsession of mesmerizing insects such as butterflies. However, to make a judgment of your rooms look around and assess the situation. For botanical curtains,install a decorative rod, it looks better. Also do not miss taking specific measurement of the windows.

The instinct of such curtains is really strong that people involve in gardening and garden activities and it also offers the required pleasure. The botanic gardens are devoted to knowledge diffusion and acquisition, thereby present aesthetic element to attract more public.

There is a connection between plants and humans that it cannot be eliminated to economic expediency. In fact, recently the botanical details are put to quantifiable use. In fact, we are also reminded that for the species survival plant preservation is essential. Thus the value of nature is highlighted.

Having botanical prints on your curtains reveals your fondness towards plants and their growth. This humanitarian feel sends strong positive vibes that the entire house is filled with joy. Even the simplest floral pattern on the curtains featuring bird window panels makes an ideal choice and suits any room. However, it also features valuable traits such as they are energy efficient and work for room darkening.

White Green Leaf Botanical curtains

Having delicate vines printed on the botanical curtains and enjoying a natural feel and an organic look is alluring. The design ensures your home decor a simple charm. You can use back tabs or rod pocket to get a tailored finish and hang it on the window curtain.

Bohemian Curtains- Lovely, Hip and Airy

If you find your room to be too bland, or you feel tired of the same decors for a long time, perhaps it’s high time to redecorate and bring some hip style to your room. Have you tried styling your room in a hippy, Bohemian way? Not yet? Then I’d better give you a heads up on what Bohemian looks like- and how Bohemian-inspired curtains can help.

Fresh Green bohemian curtains

Beautiful and Exotically Hip- The Origins

Bohemian styles have long been viewed as hippy, fresh and exciting. But where exactly did the Bohemian style came from? The original Bohemians are actually travelers, refugees or gypsies originating from Central Europe. Hence, Bohemian styles are often associated with colorful, free-flowing tastes in all art forms, making it one of the coolest styles ever. Bohemian styles are exotic in that they have lots of abstract designs in the boldest of colors and yet they don’t look like eyesores. Got the point?

Freshen Up Your Living Room With Bohemian Curtains!

Naturally trickling down even to the very last ounce of interior designing, Bohemian styles can easily be incorporated into a room for that fresh take and pretty cool ambiance. A Bohemian curtain is an easy way to update your room! Take your pick- lots of stores bot physical and online carry extensive selections of Bohemian-inspired curtains. Plain and dull will never be seen in Bohemian curtains– you’ll always find stunning abstract designs in solid colors such as dark greens and deep purples. Dip-dyed curtains are also abundant and lovely! Common designs for Bohemian colors also include flowers, peacocks, faces of women, elephants, birds, mandalas- virtually anything that relates to nature can be found printed or embroidered into lovely curtains. You’ll surely find a stunning curtain to add to your living room- and it will surely catch the eyes of your family and guests!

bohemian curtains

Get One Now!

Bohemian curtains are a worthwhile investment, and with prices ranging from $100 to at most $500, you are assured of quality and durability. So what are you waiting for? Transform your rooms into bright, breezy and hip areas with Bohemian curtains!

Simply Ethereal- Shabby Chic Curtain Numbers

Lovely homes never go without equally lovely window drapes. Simple and uncluttered styles like the shabby chic style are making waves in the industry today. Shabby chic is a style that never exits, simply because it looks great, take minimal effort to achieve, and has dainty little old house properties that will surely add cuteness and prettiness to a room. Therefore, shabby chic style curtains become increasingly popular- and for good reason. Why? Here are the reasons:

shabby chic window curtains

Shabby Chic Style is Quickly Achievable

No fuss home decoration needed? Look no further; a shabby chic style is all that you need! If you need to revamp your room and make it a little bit more fresh in no time, you may try incorporating shabby chic styles into your curtains and drapes. Make your room enticingly shabby and pretty by choosing curtains that connote warmth, such as embroidered voile curtains, simple cottage linen curtains, silk floral and the likes.

Shabby Chic Style Looks Enticingly Simple

While many people might raise eyebrows upon hearing the word ‘simple’, we must understand that shabby chic curtains are truly simple yet amazingly stunning. When natural sunlight passes through them, they look beautifully heavenly and refreshing- truly not an eyesore! Simplicity is a key to achieving easy-going shabby chic styles, so go for plain and lightly colored silk curtains to get the effect.

Shabby Chic Styles Are Like Vintage Styles- But Less Elaborate

And I will keep on repeating that shabby chic style curtains are simple enough to allow vintage-looking furniture to take up the stage. When deciding on improving your home into shabby chic, be sure to level up your curtains with some light colored drapes in vintage styles such as softly ruffled curtains and a little bit of intricacy in smaller curtain pieces with lovely details.

shabby chic curtains

Shabby Chic Is The New Chic!

Shop now for your very own shabby chic curtains and see your pad being transformed from blah to instantly chic and homey! Warm and delightful, shabby chic curtains add a touch of needed design at the right places, so be sure to choose your shabby chic curtains wisely! Truly, shabby chic curtains are simply ethereal!

Darken your room with Room darkening curtains

Need to darken rooms

When you live in house, the curtains are used for decorative purpose and also to protect the penetration of much light into the room. The normal curtains are not able to block the light from outside completely. When you want to darken you room then you should use the room darkening curtains. The room darkening curtains block the outside light completely and it helps you to sleep peacefully. The room darkening curtains are usually used into bedroom to protect the room from light which helps to get a sound and peaceful sleep. These curtains are also used in the living room where more light is present. The outside light from the street light and the vehicle headlamps disturb you and so the room darkening curtains can be used there.

 Chic Room Darkening Damask Curtains

Features of darkening curtains

The room darkening curtains block the sunlight from penetrating into the house. They are usually full length and can be machine washed. The darkening curtains are best for blocking the sunlight and any other light from outside. This is possible because of the extra tight woven fabric used in the room darkening curtains. The room darkening curtains help you in controlling the levels of light in the room. They are used in the same way as the normal curtains but the difference is that they are supervised with the power of blocking sunlight and keeping the room dark. It can be used everywhere in house. It is easy to fit them like the normal curtains. They are a bit costlier than the normal curtains but you can get them at affordable prices at many online stores.

Stripe room darkening curtains

The room darkening curtains facilitates with many features and they also look as attractive as the normal curtains. The quality is never an issue with room darkening curtains.

Living room curtains – beauty of living room

Connection between living room and curtains

Living room is the most important part of a house. It is the place where everyone comes and the look of a living room can make an impression on the guest. The decorators say that the curtains make the living room good. But it is important to select the proper curtains. If you select the living room curtains which do not suit the room then they are of no use. So select the living room curtains which suits.

Attractive Creamy White Living Room Curtains

How to choose living room curtains?

There are certain factors which are to be considered while choosing the living room curtains.

1. Lighting – The living room can have sheer curtains so that some light can penetrate into the room. It is necessary to check the volume of sunlight coming as more sunlight tends to fade the color of curtains faster. So if the living room has more sunlight then use some natural and light colors and if the sunlight is normal then you can o for bright colors.

2. Length – There are curtains available which have different length listed below.

Touching the floor – The curtains touch the ground slightly.

Beyond the floor – The edge of the curtains are 1 or 2 inches below the floor

Above the floor – The edge of the curtains are 1 or 2 inches above the floor

Till the window end

living room sheer curtains

3. Material – You can consider a lightweight fabric for summers like linen or cotton. You can also use heavy weight fabric like velvet but they block the light and give a formal touch.

4. Style – After finalizing on the above 3 factors the final one is to select the style. You can select a solid or patterned curtain, a colorful patterned curtain or a neutral patterned curtain.

Selecting the living room curtains keeping the factors in mind will give you the most beautiful effect in your living room.

How to choose short curtains

Short curtains for space

Curtains are variety much important in the current times and you need to take care of certain thing when you are choosing them. The short curtains are much popularly used in the current times. On the basis of your space you should consider to choose the light which you wish to fill in or out. If you are having the curtains for the common area such as the living room then you can choose the sheer curtain and that can allow the more light to come in. you should consider using the heavy fabric in the room where you wish to have more privacy and also where you need less natural light. It is important in the bedroom.

Cute Green Short Length Curtains


Another thing to be taken care while choosing short window curtains is the measurements. The curtain which is mounted in proper manner can easily enhance the décor of the room and it can also make the room look bigger. You can choose the curtain on the basis of the room. You should measure the height right from the rod to the floor and that should be done before you hang the curtains. Keep in mind that the height of the rod and hardware are taken well.

Short Curtains For Children Room

For the short curtains the hem should be chosen such that it only touches the window sill. The curtain should be slightly touching ground and the edge should be an inch or two above the floor. When you use the hanging curtains and the drapers they add to the ceiling and that can add the height to the room. Next thing to be taken care with the short curtains is the material. Fabric choice is the important element which you should take care for. If you wish to have the sunnier vibe then chooses the lightweight fabric.

Get the Beauty Of Peacock In Your Room With Peacock Curtains

How elegant and beautiful your rooms will look depend on certain factors like the color of the walls, the furniture, and last but not the least, the curtains. Curtains play such an important role in the interior looks of any room, which is why they ought to be selected with care they have to be unique and good. Peacock Curtains are a type of curtains that has the imprints of peacock or a feather of the bird.

Design peacock feather curtains

Do have matching wall colors

As the peacock curtains mostly come in the blue or indigo color, you can select them only if the walls are of a matching color. You would certainly not want to hand the indigo toned curtains on red walls as that would be a complete disastrous piece of curtain selection. Also, in case you have wallpapers on the walls, they should not contain heavy floral or abstract prints as then the beauty of the peacock print would be shared and the final outcome would not be as desired.

Various types and prints are available

There are various types of prints available for Peacock Curtains which include designer peacock’s imagery or the feather in an artistic way. These curtains are available on various fabrics, silk and cotton being the most common ones. The silky texture of the curtains with peacock imprints on them simply gives a touch of class and elegance to the room where the curtains are being hung.

Peacock Curtains

Peacock shower curtains are also available which makes the washroom look very bright, thanks to the bright indigo color that gets used in most of the times. With proper lighting inside the washroom, these curtains are sure to set the interior beauty of the washroom to new standards. Handmade curtains with peacock prints are also available nowadays which are inexpensive and gives a wonderful look to the overall ambience of the room.

Valance curtains for living room

Fabric valance

The fabric valance is available in wide variety of styles and that is able to add some extra finishing touch to your windows of rooms. The short length drapery and valances are hung above the windows so that they can disguise the curtain rod. They also give the space polish. There are varieties of option which can be chosen for the valance curtains for living rooms. The box pleated valance is the one which ahs the formal pleated valance and has the centre and corner pleats. The fabric which is used is able to cover the area which matches the draperies. You can choose to use the crisp treatment with this one so that it looks great in the living rooms and the master bedrooms. It offers a formal feel.

shabby chic curtains

Types of curtains

The chafed valance curtain for living room is also a good option. They are proportioned and they are the decorative fabric which has the top arch and also the neater pleat. The bottom has the coordinating band of fabric for the accent. This type of stylized valance can be used so that it breaks the square and horizontal edges which are found in the breakfast rooms and the kitchens.

Best valance curtains

The rolled valance curtains for living room are also a good option. They can perform the double duty in the form of the curtain when it is necessary. The cottage chic treatment can be used and it makes the fabric rolled on the desired height and they are supported by the contrasting ties. You can also make use of the bows and the knots of your choice to dress them up or down. You can make a change in the material and it is simple in look. It can be easily match up with the modern, traditional and formal look.

Fashion linen curtain decoration window

Linen curtain is a basic choice, if you wan it to decorate your window. From the aspect of hanging rod fixed in front of the window, curtain usually is convenient for the floor, even in the window area. Fabric kinds, the connection with fabric and rod, folded types as well as different curtains provide with the function of fabric and aesthetic design.

Cotton and Linen Fabric curtains

Window curtain generally caters to the functional requirement as well as reduce the light and the heat. In the 18thcentury, fabric started to develop its functional and decorated characteristic. At the end of the 18th century, valance and lots of other accessories including some fabric are not only used on the window but also in bed. Currently, this is usually common. However, function and decoration use a mix of many types of window to handle.

How to choose linen blackout curtain?

Current linen fabric is convenient in different materials, sizes and styles, providing perfect solution for most of the bedrooms and windows. Standard length satisfies most of the install requirement, allowing that rod height above the window can be slightly adjust in order to meet personal requirement. Long length will be put into tall window or gently fidget on the ground. Dimension size realize so many standard rod diameter.

linen sheer natural curtains

We can usually find that style and fabric are a big choice, regardless of lining or interlining which are what give curtains their body and fullness to match a range of decorative products. What’s more, interlining can also help prolong the life of the curtains. As for the modern romantic exterior, this kind of voilecurtain which is like drapecurtain. Slim embroidery curtain fabric allow light and protect privacy.

For the essential linen curtain which sits on a polished wood rod with a simple ball-type cap provides a neat appearance.

Popular option of window sheers

Curtains for home

Curtains are an essential part of our house and it is thus important that you choose them in proper manner. There is variety of crusting which are available in the market in the recent times. You can easily choose the one which matches with your surrounding and the furnishing of the house. The sheer curtains are very much popular to be chosen at your house. You can choose to get your own cafe and that also by cutting the long strip of fabric which matches with your window length. Then you can hem the bottom and creates the channel of width of the rod at the top.

Decorative Sheer Curtain


The window sheers curtains are the popular option which is commonly chooses in the current times. In the modern time the traditional place curtains are not used and the commonly used curtains includes the sheer curtains. They are made from the chiffon or the voile materials and they prove to be great option for covering up windows in the rooms. They are great option when you wish to block the light to certain extent. You can use the narrow rod which it fits the frame and it is invisible and the gem curtains can be used below the glass.

Long Solid Sheer Curtains

The voile fabric can be used which features with the floral prints so that it coordinates with the colors and have joined to create the sheer curtains which allows the light to come in. You can choose to take the stylist tips which explain of teaming them up with the neutral blinds in bedrooms which can add to the privacy during day. The fabric is in the pretty print which can coordinate with the kitchen prints like the feather print fabric. This is the style of the window which allows the light but t also offers you with the privacy if you wish to have in the kitchen.

Navy curtains give you a unique home

Generally, people prefer to choose green, blue, yellow or white bathroom products and furniture. However, have you ever try to choose bathroom products in dark color. For example, the navy shower curtains. Maybe some people who are conservative will be shocked when thinking of using navy blackout curtains to decorate their bathroom, because it will darken the indoor environment to a certain of extent.

Modern Longer Navy curtains

Actually, here are some reasons that can explain why we may as well try curtains in dark color.

If your bathroom is large and look empty, then the curtain in dark color can make your bathroom look small and neat.  Why we need a small bathroom? Because the small space for taking a shower can always give people a warm feeling and make people have a sense of security. Also, small spaces seem to be more private. Then, people can relax themselves freely to relieve a whole day’s tired body.

Modern indoor decoration can make a room look more funky and bright. The navy curtain can usually highlight the whole space and improve the temperament effectively. No matter for the bathroom, or attic. You don’t need to buy expensive curtains to make your room look unique, just a simple navy curtain is enough.

navy blue curtains

In addition, it is difficult for people to find that the curtain is dirty, which is definitely different from curtains in lights colors. Then, people don’t need to clean it frequently, so that must be a better choice for busy or lazy people.

In all, after reading this article, you may as well try navy curtains to create a unique and chic home.

What are sheer curtain panels?

Sheer panels

Curtains are very important part of our lives and it is important that we choose the most appropriate curtain for your windows and your house. On the basis of the space you should consider the amount of light which you wish to filter inside your house. If you are having the option of choosing their curtains for the living room then you must go with the sheer curtains panels so that it allows the light into the space. You can choose to have a heavy fabric in room if you wish to have less natural light and wish to have more privacy.

Affordable Sheer Curtain


The sheer panels are a great choice and they are a pretty choice to be chosen. The voile fabric can be used which features with the floral prints so that it coordinates with the colors and have joined to create the sheer curtains which allows the light to come in. if you wish to have the country feel then you can hang them using the narrow pole and also the curtains rings of smaller size can match easily. You can choose to take the stylist tips which explain of teaming them up with the neutral blinds in bedrooms which can add to the privacy during day.

Embroidered Sheer Curtain

If you are choosing the curtains for window then you should choose the cafecurtain or the half curtain as they serve as the best solution. The fabric is in the pretty print which can coordinate with the kitchen prints like the feather print fabric. This is the style of the window which allows the light but t also offers you with the privacy if you wish to have in the kitchen. You can protect your kitchen so that the passerby by do not look into your kitchen. The caferods can be used and they fit in the window recess which can be picked.

Choosing curtains for living room


Curtains are an important part of our home and it is important to see that we choose the most appropriate curtains for living rooms. When you are choosing them you need to take care for certain things. The most important things to take care are of the fabric of the curtains. There is variety of options when you are willing to choose the fabric. The next thing is the color of the curtains for living room. The color should be such that they sync with the remaining parts of the furnishings.

Living Room Floral Drapes


You can choose the drapes which can sync with the decor or you can also choose to contracts with them. If you wish to have the lavishing look then make sure to choose the deposes with the color that can easily compete the shape of the walls. Also if you want that the curtain for living room get focused, then the contrast can be chosen with the furniture or the walls. The next thing to be taken care with the floral curtains for living rooms is the prints and strips. It depends on the remaining decor of the home. If the soft furnishing is solid color then you can go with the oriented curtains for living rooms as it is the popular choice in this case.

Solid color living room curtains

Here is an example of interior collocation between curtains and indoor decorations. The extra wide solid curtain in light purple color can create a graceful and elegant environment. People can calm down and relax themselves when lying on the sofa. Even guest come to visit your home, they will get a comfortable and soft feeling. As for the tea table, we may as well choose the purple luxury vase to strengthen the visual effect. The vintage and shabby chic style, the warm and romantic purple color, and the exquisite craft, all of these can play the decorative role effectively. Maybe you think the solid large curtain looks a little boring and monotonous, then adding this kind of luxury and attractive vase must be able to improve the whole temperament.

High-grade purple vase

You should remember that the prints adds the visuals weight to the elements and thus a ways of working with the curtains in reputed form is that you pair them up with the solid colored furniture which is combined with the printed cushions and also the area rugs. You can also make use of the quirky prints and the patterns which can give you the complementary style of space. Floras can also be used and it can give the modern look and can suit both modern as well as traditional decor.

Selecting nursery curtains

Choosing theme

Curtains are important and are to be chosen such that it gives an enhancing look to your room and home. There are varieties of kids curtains which are available and one such special type of curtains includes nursery curtains. They are the excitement and fun for tall those who have become parents. It is amazing when you are willing to decorate the room for your baby. It is always important that you choose the right fabric for your nursery curtains. If the fabric is chosen correctly then it can give your room the prefect and finishing touch.

kids room nursery curtains

Nursery room

Choosing the curtains is a simple matter and there is certain important thing which you need to consider. Usually the parents start with designing the baby room with the selection of a theme. They work around the chosen theme. Once the theme is chosen and decided then it become easy for you to choose the color of the nursery curtains. You can choose the color as well as the fabric which can complement your room. When it is about the curtains the color is much more important. At the time of the first 6 weeks the baby spends much of time in sleeping and thus usually parents prefer to have the darkening blinds.

kids room nursery curtains

You can also choose some of the dark colors if you wish to give your baby a sound and good sleep. You can transition the color of the curtains of your baby room once the baby grows up. Parent also considers the material about the nursery curtains. You can get the fantastic look for the window treatments with the materials like silk, netted and cotton materials. You need to decide based on the techniques of the material and what you are willing to accomplish in room. The material which is thick will be balancing the light and they will keep the nursery warmer.

Valance curtains

The valance curtains often impress people with  elegance and grace. If you want to create a vintage or the royal style, you definitely can not miss the valance curtains. The valance is added in the horizontal way and the curtains is the vertical one. Such match present a charming and attracting look to the households.

Luxury European Style curtains

The valance curtains always are be defined as the attachment of the ordinary curtains. Yes, the valance is an ornament to not only the curtains but also the ceiling or the whole room, which looks very vintage and can let you go back to the middle century of the Euro once you are in such occasion. By the way, such curtains are thicker than the ordinary curtains in terms of its fabric.

Beside the valance, you can add more ornaments above the curtain to make your room look quite different. You can take advantage of the old fabric to  circle around the window which will make the window look  warmer. Besides, you can cut the paper  flower ring from your art book and then stick it beside your window, which also a good idea.

red waterfall valance curtains

Actually, you need not to buy the particular goods to decorate your room, just think creatively and make the most of the already-existing items in your home. Now, let us start working!