White blackout curtains should be chosen according to the situation

White blackout curtains can be used in the summer with large utilization. It can reflect the strong sunlight effectively. No matter what design it is, the ordinary ones, or with French style, can all be in order to suit one’s measures to local conditions to block the strong sunlight outdoor.

Why the ordinary curtain chose white as the basic tone is because of that it can make the strong sunlight reflected back, and protect the room from absorbing too much heat. And for each window, the style of the window can be chosen like arch windows etc. There are various fresh styles.

Floor to ceiling windows generally suitable for the balcony, because of the relatively large windows, into the sun is up, so the sun light reflection by landing blackout curtains to the strong back, let the room is bright and is not dazzling, ensure the hot air effectively isolated from the outside.

Multi-color Childlike Thermal bedroom curtains and drapes

In particular the arched windows, to install special arch arch curtains, curtains can be divided into two parts, the best is designed into a rolling form, the upper part of the design is used to match with the arched windows. The best design into the shape of a circular arc control separately. The lower part of the curtain into right and left sides, respectively control the shutter opening. When the curtain pull the upper part of the curtain fell. The windows are exposed, when pulled down the curtain, shutter scroll, light into the interior.

Some windows are made in a straight line, but with the angular position is in an arc shape, so even with a few window curtain, also need to set the curtain rod angle, through the ceiling bracket is fixed on the way, the curtain rod is fixed into several follows the shape of the bracket, so the final rendered effect is the overall direction of each white blackout curtain and window consistency.

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