Modern curtains express your charm in a straight way

Window is the eye of a house, then curtains are the eye lashes. Beautiful modern curtains are like the beautiful eyelashes for a bright eye, which would make you much more charming. Different styles of curtains, just like micro expressions of decoration, style and taste will be a good foil, and the publicity of their personality, taste and status can come out through it, which is very important. Below we said micro expression said different function room curtains.

On entering the house, first of all, what is the first impression? The living room is the hospitality. As the most common reception place, the curtain should act the main function, not only light adjusting and regulating function of the indoor temperature, privacy protection, plus a decorative function. So buy living room curtains, you must follow the spirit of decent principles. The selection of fine polyester or cotton curtains, which looked sagging sense will be better.

Dark Gold European Design Beautiful Bedroom Curtains

When it turns to the style and color, consistent with the living room theme style. In modern decoration, the sofa of the sitting room color and style can often be as curtain color reference. If it is cloth art sofa, it can cooperate with linen or polyester fabric, color should take the cream colored. White, gray and other colors can be a good choice. If your living room decoration is the European style, so the color to golden yellow, coffee color. If you use the overall style of the decoration for the Chinese, it is recommended you use brown or red in color.

Modern curtain for the living room is the most important to choose high quality, with strong sense of straight feeling can look very decent and it will leave the guests a good impression.

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