Gray curtains create high end mood

Many people prefer to choose clothes in gray color. Gray is a very popular color and It has often been used to describe some of the middle class with a high knowledge and rational character of the city. So I would like to introduce you to choose gray curtains when you in need. It is because that this color looks very modern and fashionable whichever fabric of curtains to match.

What is the deep meaning of this high gray color? It is not mean to the feeling of depressed, and it has lower purity and has very rich and charm color. So nowadays many manufacturers now make the curtains will add some gray color to each other color in order to make the final color to be beautiful.
This summer, many people will buy silk gray curtains. This silk fabric itself has a very unique Chinese feelings, and this fabric consumer groups are mostly urban middle class, so gray curtains is their best choice.


In addition, the choice of curtain head is also very important. As a part of curtain design, this summer the design of curtain head is very eye-catching. In this era of cultural exchange, many curtain head designs are used in a Chinese style, such as imitation of the Han Dynasty jade pendant curtains. The inspiration comes from the Chinese traditional clothing and traditional handicraft.

Expect these chinese style curtains head design, some curtains head has wave design of European neo-classical mix style, and with gray color curtains which looks more noble. The pattern of curtains, this year is more popular of dragon and phoenix patterns, which often have turned to the craft of embroidery, make curtains look better.

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