How to choose curtain color is better for home decor

Different curtain colors give us different room styles when we used for home decor. Such as yellow curtain makes people feel quiet and calm, green color feels like in nature while blue curtain is comfortable. Therefor depending on different colors to choose curtain for home decoration then make rooms in different styles. This is a different course to people to to learn.

For living room, we can use warm color curtain like yellow piece for which makes room look more luxury and passionate. Study room or office room can be used in green color while white color for dinning room with net ornament design to give an icing on cake achievement. Coordination is very important that means the curtain should goes well with the furniture when purchasing curtain for home decor. Also should match well with the whole room style to create an unification and harmonious beauty.


Choose the one cotton/linen blending yellow curtain to give a perfect light insulation effect and ensure good air permeability functional. Yellow curtain decorated with daisy flower that make people feel happy and relax in fresh feeling. And if you like you can add a sheer piece create a sense of hierarchy and decorative achievement. Goes with wood color of desk and chair furniture which is main designed in simple lined style. Wallpaper in wheat color and plants in the room design can make a room’s decorative effect become more effective.

Cotton linen blend curtains can make room look more elegant that best for summer day.

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