Orange curtain can express your emotion on psychological

Different people have different hobbies. Some prefer to sky blue for it looks like the vast sky or broaden ocean makes people relax and comfort. Some fond on green color because dark green is mature symbolizing and reveal active and lively life. Some other people are very fond of orange color and decorate with orange curtain in bedroom. Orange color is belong to the warm color family in psychological.

Orange represents prosperity, pride, power, wisdom, youth, energy and vitality, is combination of red and yellow colors, is active and lively color. Also call orange-yellow color. Being a window treatment in bedroom provide you a golden harvest autumn view in the room. Happiness and rich flavor full in the room.


It is believe that people who are fond of orange color is strong, energy is abundant, friendly, kindly and outgoing person. Those people have good psychological quality of competition, never give up and good at order others. They will never give up once they make up their mind to do something. So, once you are visit someone’s house where there is an orange curtain for home decoration, you might can see some characters of houses owner from the curtain.