What Are Panel Curtains and How Can They Be Useful In Homes?

So, you are wondering what panel curtains are? A panel curtain hangs down from the curtain rail which is then lowered and raised by folding it. They come with bottom and top rails which make sure that the curtain hangs rightly. It normally comes in a single curtain section which can be used in few window treatment solutions to create a functional effect.

Measuring for curtain panels

Measuring the panels for the curtains require knowledge on the kind of window you have at home. Supposing you have windows which are installed on the walls, you will want to make sure that you install hardware directly into the wall space that is present next to the window frame. If you want to hang the windows using the framework which you can see in vintage homes, you can measure from the inside top and the inside to highlight the features of the windows.

panel curtains

What to look for?

You can find panels for curtain coming in standard lengths to fit in just about any size of window. There are two basic styles which include rod-pocket that come with single pockets located at the top that is slipped onto a rod and hung. The rod-pocket styles can easily hide the rod completely. There are other panel styles which feature holes and large gussets that can slip over the rod.

Getting creative

You will want to make use of creative designs in your quest for beautiful looking curtains. You can make use of draping, one curtain rod, wrap long curtain panels, using a rod that looks decorative, to give your room a soft airy look. You can also use a single panel which comes made from different fabrics, patterns and complementary colors which you can drape over a pair of curtain panels.

panel curtains

As always you will want to make use of the online stores in making your purchase of panel curtains. There are many designs and options to choose from which can help in providing you with excellent choices. The prices are also good, with excellent discounts provided on the curtains, which you will want to hang inside your house.