What Are Plaid Curtains and Where To Use Them?

If you are looking for something that is classic, traditional, and timeless, then you will want to make use of plaid curtains. Plaid is called as tartan that found use in early Celtic cultures. It is usually an identifier which is used in Scotland and its kilts. The woven fabric was popular among the Scottish clan. You will want to know that the tartan shower curtain is a great decorative piece and familial heritage.

Where to use the plaid curtain?

Plaid curtains come in differentiating patterns which is ideal for a small area look quite bustling. You will want to make use of leather trays or baskets which can give your room a very intellectual appearance. You can also make use of gingham prints like the red and white gingham that can easily brighten up the bathroom.

plaid curtains

If you are living in a wooden house or country home, then you make use of tartan. The geometric feel and straight lines of the pattern give your rooms a contemporary look. The idea is to make your bathroom elegant and stylish. You can purchase from an online store as you can get more options to choose from.

Draw what is on your mind

It is good to use your imagination and come with your own designs. You will want to draw what is on your mind and come up with your own ideas. The décor of your room is vital before you decide the color and design of the curtain. The color of the room and furniture present will dictate the color and design of the curtain.

plaid curtains

If the color of the room is light toned, then you will want to use a dark toned curtain. You can also use light colored curtains in rooms having light tone like cream colored room having a light brown color curtain. The same can be done when using a dark color curtain like chocolate brown in a dark toned room.