Must have accessions for home–curtains

Must have accessions for home–curtains
In addition to the function of decoration, curtains play a important role in blacking out. There will inevitably exist dust in curtains after a long time, so from the point of beauty or health, curtains should be cleans once a year. So whether can we clean different textures of curtains in the same way? Here are five common ways of cleaning curtains.

Venetian blinds: water + mane brush
For these thin sheets, you can use water or polish on the surface and then wipe to dry. If the stain is difficult to clean, you can use a soft bristle brush. If the curtains are dirty, you can dip some detergent in warm water or wipe with a little ammonia solution.

Velvet curtains: Neutral cleaning liquid + flat drying
Velvet curtains are easily deformed, so when you clean them, you should put them in the neutral cleaning liquid like detergent, liquid soap, washing products used for babies and so on. Then you can press them gently with hands, dry them on the shelf without using hangers.

Electrostatic flocking curtains: alcohol + cotton gauze
Electrostatic flocking curtains are not easy to be dirty, so you do not need clean them regularly. But you must notice that do not rub in the water,brush or twist them, so as to avoid losing fabrics. For daily clean, you just need dip a little alcohol and wipe gently. If the flocking fabrics are too wet, you can press them to let out the water or let it dry naturally.

Cotton, polyester fabric curtains: cleaning by water
Cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics on the market. These curtains are durable and you can wipe them by water on daily time. If you need cleaning, you can put them directly into the washing machine with water and detergent.

Canvas, hemp curtains: warm water with soap solution + sponge
Canvas and hemp curtains are difficult to dry, so you must be careful without putting them directly into the water. On the contrast, you can use the sponge with warm soap solution to wipe.