The classifications of curtains

The classifications of curtains

There are several kinds of black out curtains, and can be divided into two parts: black silk black out fabric and white silk black out fabric. The black out fabrics consist of three layers of silk. And the middle silk is black. And in the black silk black out fabric, the middle layer is white silk black out fabric. The shading effect of black silk fabrics are better than the white ones, they can black out over 90% light and the white silk fabrics can black out 80% light, but the white silk fabrics look fresh and bright.

The fabrics of curtains can be divided into seven parts according to the crafts: printed fabrics, dyeing fabrics,yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard printed fabrics, embroidered fabrics, bronzing fabrics and embossed fabrics.

Printed fabrics: using the thermal transfer printed patterns or cylinder forming to print patterns in colored cloth and the printed curtains are colorful and full of a variety of patterns.

Dyeing fabrics: dyeing a single color in white embryo and this fabric is natural and elegant.

Yarn-dyed fabrics: classifying the silk according to the color of patterns and then dyed them, woven them in different patterns in accordance with the requirements. This kind of fabric has solid colors, clear lines and good?stereoscopic.

Jacquard printed fabrics: woven cloth in patterns, dyed colors and then printed patterns again. In simple terms, it is a craft which combines jacquard craft and printed craft.

Embroidered fabrics: embroidering the dyed embryo and this fabric is elegant and has good?stereoscopic.

Bronzing fabrics: bronzing the dyed embryo and this fabric has colorful patterns and very elegant.

Embossed fabrics: dyed embryo after hot working and embossed with floral patterns. The feature of this fabric is that the patterns are beautiful and touchable.