How to select practical and beautiful curtains?

Curtains are environmental-friendly:
Heating are always installed below the windows, unless the curtains ate the same length as the windows. If for floor-style curtains, you should choose good heat-resistant fabric and will not block the heat into the room. For east toward or west toward rooms, you should choose special-treated fabric or neutral color fabric because stimulated by intense sunlight after a few hours, the curtains will fade or discoloration. The best choice is the curtain with heat-shielding performance.

Roman blinds for small windows:
Fabrics in the market are normal 1.4 meters wide, so the most suitable width is less than 1.4 meters. There is no need for seams, you only need buy the suitable length of fabrics. The room which lights change a lot should adopt Roman blinds so that you can control the light by adjusting the position of hem of curtains.

Guarantee privacy by privacy curtains:
People who live in L-shaped buildings or in small distance of two buildings do not want their privacy exposed in the public. For that reason, they need hang curtains for years . These curtains should have good light transmission and block the outside sight. People who live on the first floor or villa have the same problem. They should at least install two layers of curtains.

Absorbing sound to reduce noise:
As we all know that in he sound transmission part, the treble transport in a line and the reflection of window glass is very high. Therefore, a appropriate thickness of curtains can improve the indoor sound reverberation effect. Similarly, thick curtains can absorb part of the outside noise and improve the indoor sound environment.