Design your curtains according to the windows

1. Vertical windows

Vertical windows are very common in modern home decorations. The rectangle shape is coordinated and beautiful which bring a solemn and elegant beauty. This coordinated and beautiful windows should match a wonderful curtain. Generally, floor curtains are good choices of most people. The styles of curtains can be very wide according to this windows. Roman floor curtains in European court style are very suitable if the room height reach to 3.5 meters. But you should consider the finished effect because of the strict of room height.

2.Horizontal windows

Feature of this horizontal windows are wide and the area is large, and these windows are a typical window in modern house. If there is no deep windowsill but a floor window, you can select floor curtains which look very luxurious and gorgeous. It is very common to see this kind of windows in bedroom. For horizontal windows, you can make flat curtains outside. Or you want to make more gorgeous effect or more European style, you can add Roman curtains according to this specific example. In addition, you can make water rippled curtains or Austria curtains inside which still can reflect the European style.

3.Convex windows

Windows embedded in walls can be called convex windows. Tall convex windows can adopt floor curtains which consist of several separated curtains. You can link windows by separated curtains and make it as a whole by continuous curtain boxes. When the curtains are opened, the middle window and two side curtains can make a beautiful cylindrical shape so that you can see every corner of windows clearly. Windowsill curtains are very suitable for bay windows, or you can add a layer of curtain outside, a layer of gauze inside. It looks very warm and special. For bay windows, complex styles are not appropriate and hard to clean.

4.Camber windows

This window type is very common in villas , landscape houses and duplex houses. The width of this type windows is very large and can create a imposing feeling in master bedroom and living room. The whole floor curtains are suitable for camber windows. Or you can use electric window rails to make deep decorative effect. But the height of windows and the weight capacity are big problems, so electric window rails or a layer of gauze is recommended.

5. Floor windows

Floor windows are very common in balcony and bedroom which have a strong decorative effect. Unique Japanese style curtains are popular in young people which are made of the whole fabric and fixed to tough type. The cost of rail installation is three hundred one meter and the technology is not so common in our country. People use this curtain to be a moving wall as a functional separation. You can separate bedroom and study room into two space by this curtain and it is very easy to clean and popular in young people.