The advantages and disadvantages of fabric curtains

1.How to select the curtain fabrics: selecting from four aspects: fabric, color, pattern and texture.

1) Selecting fabric–There are four types of common fabrics: printed fabrics, dyeing fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard printed fabrics.

Printed fabrics: Using the thermal transfer printed patterns or cylinder forming to print patterns in colored fabric and the printed curtains are colorful and full of a variety of patterns. And printed curtains have the effect of hand-painted effect and filled with natural texture.

Dyeing fabrics: dyeing a single color in white embryo and this fabric is simple,natural ,elegant and follow the fashion trend.

Yarn-dyed fabrics: classifying the silk according to the color of patterns and then dyed them, then woven them in different patterns in accordance with the requirements. This yarn-dyed fabrics have solid colors, clear patterns and good stereoscopic.

Jacquard printed fabrics: The combination of jacquard craft and printed craft is called jacquard printed fabrics.

2) How to choose colors–colors are divided into warm or cold, deep and light. The standard of selecting colors is as follows:

The color of fabrics and home decoration: You can bring some scraps when you select fabrics.

The color of fabrics and interior wooden products: the color of fabrics can strengthen and enrich the natural tone of wooden products.

Colors and mood: light and soft tone, neutral tone and cold tone colors like blue and some green colors can make you feel calm and peaceful; bright and warm tone colors like red and yellow can stimulate people; Deep tone colors make people feel warm and comfortable.

Colors and feelings: at the point of feeling, light colors can darken the background, on the contrast, dark colors can lighten the background. Warm colors can make the thing looks smaller. In result, small rooms should adopt two contrast colors.

Colors and directions of rooms: warm colors can make the room that towards north warm; cold colors can make the room that towards south cool and fresh.