Polka Dot Curtains expresses your personality

Are you looking for a new shower curtain, sky is the limit, run your imagination. There are many designs available ranging from classic white to rainbow stripes in multi-color and polka dot curtains. There is always a safe play and it is none other than having polka dots. Personally, a shower curtain is an absolute choice for your bathroom and it forms a focal point expressing your personality.

white and grey Polka Dot Curtains

Choosing plain, patterned, striped or polka dot curtains are a definite choice and it adds authenticity to any house. This curtain blends into any of the rooms and it makes a bold statement into your bathroom. In fact, people can consider any theme such as retro, Gothic or novelty for the bathroom, so that it is an inspiration point and then choose a curtain with polka dots having over one color. It is said to use over one color so that you can accent the décor by coordinating it with the dots.

polka dots curtains

A decoration of any room, even a bathroom is complete only on matching the sets with curtains, drapes, towels, bathmats, tank covers and toilet seat. However, this seems to be a daunting task and to have everything matching means you have to be very fortunate to get everything in coordination. The best is to consider polka dot curtains with multi-colors, so that the setting of sets in accordance can be done with ease. In fact, you can also match accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, wastepaper bins, toothbrush holders, and more.

There is no need for you to have it regularly. You can collect one by one and keep these accessories to use on special holidays namely, Halloween, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas and St Patrick’s Day. Ensure your bathroom has a neutral floor so that you can change the curtains as you wish.