An energy efficient honeycomb for your windows

Curtains and blinds are usually the options people go to when they think about sprucing up the look of their windows. However even if these two options come with the promise of blocking cold and light, they are not as savvy as promised. You now have a new choice- cellular shades. For those who might still be unfamiliar with this, cellular shades are covers for your windows that come with the added feature of blocking or filtering light and providing insulation. The cell shapes can hold in air that act as an insulating medium.Energy saving curtains is your best choice.

energy efficient curtains

Most people might think that these window-coverings are dull and drab, but you’d be surprised to know they come in many shapes and colors! Cellular shades are made of soft fabric or paper like materials. The cell sizes vary and so does their insulating properties, so you can easily choose the best size according to your pocket and requirements.

Cellular shades come in many colors. They can also be customized according to your need. You can manage the length and width as per your need and also choose their cell size, making these shades ideal for all rooms and windows even the oddly shaped ones.

Choose only blackout shades or insulating, you can also choose both the qualities. The backing can be made in lovely neutral colors for street appeal. A bottom rail can be added for weight and durability plus all the hardware like tassels, cords, head and bottom rails can be made in same color as the shades for a more elegant look.

There are lot of alterations you can make in your shades. You can add a pull cord for manual control or a cordless shade for safety and ease, as many people opt for cordless shades and blinds due to child safety purposes. These shades can also be motorized and can slide up or down o the flick of a switch. Which brings to another feature, a top-down or bottom-up shade, even a combination of both! It is also possible to add another fabric to your shade, such as sheer fabric at the top or bottom to allow some light in, this fabric could also be a blackout fabric in case you want no light but just the appeal of another fabric.

Now let’s come to choosing the right color: if you want something to match your couches or other furnishings, you can choose a similar shade of cellular shades. However choose a neutral shade for long term use. Two shades of fabric can be used at the same time, if you feel adventurous. Some websites offer the facility of ordering free samples in different colors, cell sizes and materials to help you in making your decisions.

energy efficient curtains

You can shop both online and in-store for the best available options in terms of both quality as well as price. Usually multi-orders can get you discounts also seasonal sales and stock clearance are great chances to get your hands on a great deal.

Cellular shades are a great proliferation in the choices of window coverings. Now you don’t only beautify your windows, you also benefit by reducing your heating and cooling bills. A win-win situation for both you and your budget!