Valance curtains

The valance curtains often impress people with  elegance and grace. If you want to create a vintage or the royal style, you definitely can not miss the valance curtains. The valance is added in the horizontal way and the curtains is the vertical one. Such match present a charming and attracting look to the households.

Luxury European Style curtains

The valance curtains always are be defined as the attachment of the ordinary curtains. Yes, the valance is an ornament to not only the curtains but also the ceiling or the whole room, which looks very vintage and can let you go back to the middle century of the Euro once you are in such occasion. By the way, such curtains are thicker than the ordinary curtains in terms of its fabric.

Beside the valance, you can add more ornaments above the curtain to make your room look quite different. You can take advantage of the old fabric to  circle around the window which will make the window look  warmer. Besides, you can cut the paper  flower ring from your art book and then stick it beside your window, which also a good idea.

red waterfall valance curtains

Actually, you need not to buy the particular goods to decorate your room, just think creatively and make the most of the already-existing items in your home. Now, let us start working!