Fashion linen curtain decoration window

Linen curtain is a basic choice, if you wan it to decorate your window. From the aspect of hanging rod fixed in front of the window, curtain usually is convenient for the floor, even in the window area. Fabric kinds, the connection with fabric and rod, folded types as well as different curtains provide with the function of fabric and aesthetic design.

Cotton and Linen Fabric curtains

Window curtain generally caters to the functional requirement as well as reduce the light and the heat. In the 18thcentury, fabric started to develop its functional and decorated characteristic. At the end of the 18th century, valance and lots of other accessories including some fabric are not only used on the window but also in bed. Currently, this is usually common. However, function and decoration use a mix of many types of window to handle.

How to choose linen blackout curtain?

Current linen fabric is convenient in different materials, sizes and styles, providing perfect solution for most of the bedrooms and windows. Standard length satisfies most of the install requirement, allowing that rod height above the window can be slightly adjust in order to meet personal requirement. Long length will be put into tall window or gently fidget on the ground. Dimension size realize so many standard rod diameter.

linen sheer natural curtains

We can usually find that style and fabric are a big choice, regardless of lining or interlining which are what give curtains their body and fullness to match a range of decorative products. What’s more, interlining can also help prolong the life of the curtains. As for the modern romantic exterior, this kind of voilecurtain which is like drapecurtain. Slim embroidery curtain fabric allow light and protect privacy.

For the essential linen curtain which sits on a polished wood rod with a simple ball-type cap provides a neat appearance.