Valance curtains for living room

Fabric valance

The fabric valance is available in wide variety of styles and that is able to add some extra finishing touch to your windows of rooms. The short length drapery and valances are hung above the windows so that they can disguise the curtain rod. They also give the space polish. There are varieties of option which can be chosen for the valance curtains for living rooms. The box pleated valance is the one which ahs the formal pleated valance and has the centre and corner pleats. The fabric which is used is able to cover the area which matches the draperies. You can choose to use the crisp treatment with this one so that it looks great in the living rooms and the master bedrooms. It offers a formal feel.

shabby chic curtains

Types of curtains

The chafed valance curtain for living room is also a good option. They are proportioned and they are the decorative fabric which has the top arch and also the neater pleat. The bottom has the coordinating band of fabric for the accent. This type of stylized valance can be used so that it breaks the square and horizontal edges which are found in the breakfast rooms and the kitchens.

Best valance curtains

The rolled valance curtains for living room are also a good option. They can perform the double duty in the form of the curtain when it is necessary. The cottage chic treatment can be used and it makes the fabric rolled on the desired height and they are supported by the contrasting ties. You can also make use of the bows and the knots of your choice to dress them up or down. You can make a change in the material and it is simple in look. It can be easily match up with the modern, traditional and formal look.