How to choose short curtains

Short curtains for space

Curtains are variety much important in the current times and you need to take care of certain thing when you are choosing them. The short curtains are much popularly used in the current times. On the basis of your space you should consider to choose the light which you wish to fill in or out. If you are having the curtains for the common area such as the living room then you can choose the sheer curtain and that can allow the more light to come in. you should consider using the heavy fabric in the room where you wish to have more privacy and also where you need less natural light. It is important in the bedroom.

Cute Green Short Length Curtains


Another thing to be taken care while choosing short window curtains is the measurements. The curtain which is mounted in proper manner can easily enhance the décor of the room and it can also make the room look bigger. You can choose the curtain on the basis of the room. You should measure the height right from the rod to the floor and that should be done before you hang the curtains. Keep in mind that the height of the rod and hardware are taken well.

Short Curtains For Children Room

For the short curtains the hem should be chosen such that it only touches the window sill. The curtain should be slightly touching ground and the edge should be an inch or two above the floor. When you use the hanging curtains and the drapers they add to the ceiling and that can add the height to the room. Next thing to be taken care with the short curtains is the material. Fabric choice is the important element which you should take care for. If you wish to have the sunnier vibe then chooses the lightweight fabric.