Living room curtains – beauty of living room

Connection between living room and curtains

Living room is the most important part of a house. It is the place where everyone comes and the look of a living room can make an impression on the guest. The decorators say that the curtains make the living room good. But it is important to select the proper curtains. If you select the living room curtains which do not suit the room then they are of no use. So select the living room curtains which suits.

Attractive Creamy White Living Room Curtains

How to choose living room curtains?

There are certain factors which are to be considered while choosing the living room curtains.

1. Lighting – The living room can have sheer curtains so that some light can penetrate into the room. It is necessary to check the volume of sunlight coming as more sunlight tends to fade the color of curtains faster. So if the living room has more sunlight then use some natural and light colors and if the sunlight is normal then you can o for bright colors.

2. Length – There are curtains available which have different length listed below.

Touching the floor – The curtains touch the ground slightly.

Beyond the floor – The edge of the curtains are 1 or 2 inches below the floor

Above the floor – The edge of the curtains are 1 or 2 inches above the floor

Till the window end

living room sheer curtains

3. Material – You can consider a lightweight fabric for summers like linen or cotton. You can also use heavy weight fabric like velvet but they block the light and give a formal touch.

4. Style – After finalizing on the above 3 factors the final one is to select the style. You can select a solid or patterned curtain, a colorful patterned curtain or a neutral patterned curtain.

Selecting the living room curtains keeping the factors in mind will give you the most beautiful effect in your living room.