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The advantages and disadvantages of fabric curtains

1.How to select the curtain fabrics: selecting from four aspects: fabric, color, pattern and texture.

1) Selecting fabric–There are four types of common fabrics: printed fabrics, dyeing fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard printed fabrics.

Printed fabrics: Using the thermal transfer printed patterns or cylinder forming to print patterns in colored fabric and the printed curtains are colorful and full of a variety of patterns. And printed curtains have the effect of hand-painted effect and filled with natural texture.

Dyeing fabrics: dyeing a single color in white embryo and this fabric is simple,natural ,elegant and follow the fashion trend.

Yarn-dyed fabrics: classifying the silk according to the color of patterns and then dyed them, then woven them in different patterns in accordance with the requirements. This yarn-dyed fabrics have solid colors, clear patterns and good stereoscopic.

Jacquard printed fabrics: The combination of jacquard craft and printed craft is called jacquard printed fabrics.

2) How to choose colors–colors are divided into warm or cold, deep and light. The standard of selecting colors is as follows:

The color of fabrics and home decoration: You can bring some scraps when you select fabrics.

The color of fabrics and interior wooden products: the color of fabrics can strengthen and enrich the natural tone of wooden products.

Colors and mood: light and soft tone, neutral tone and cold tone colors like blue and some green colors can make you feel calm and peaceful; bright and warm tone colors like red and yellow can stimulate people; Deep tone colors make people feel warm and comfortable.

Colors and feelings: at the point of feeling, light colors can darken the background, on the contrast, dark colors can lighten the background. Warm colors can make the thing looks smaller. In result, small rooms should adopt two contrast colors.

Colors and directions of rooms: warm colors can make the room that towards north warm; cold colors can make the room that towards south cool and fresh.

Design your curtains according to the windows

1. Vertical windows

Vertical windows are very common in modern home decorations. The rectangle shape is coordinated and beautiful which bring a solemn and elegant beauty. This coordinated and beautiful windows should match a wonderful curtain. Generally, floor curtains are good choices of most people. The styles of curtains can be very wide according to this windows. Roman floor curtains in European court style are very suitable if the room height reach to 3.5 meters. But you should consider the finished effect because of the strict of room height.

2.Horizontal windows

Feature of this horizontal windows are wide and the area is large, and these windows are a typical window in modern house. If there is no deep windowsill but a floor window, you can select floor curtains which look very luxurious and gorgeous. It is very common to see this kind of windows in bedroom. For horizontal windows, you can make flat curtains outside. Or you want to make more gorgeous effect or more European style, you can add Roman curtains according to this specific example. In addition, you can make water rippled curtains or Austria curtains inside which still can reflect the European style.

3.Convex windows

Windows embedded in walls can be called convex windows. Tall convex windows can adopt floor curtains which consist of several separated curtains. You can link windows by separated curtains and make it as a whole by continuous curtain boxes. When the curtains are opened, the middle window and two side curtains can make a beautiful cylindrical shape so that you can see every corner of windows clearly. Windowsill curtains are very suitable for bay windows, or you can add a layer of curtain outside, a layer of gauze inside. It looks very warm and special. For bay windows, complex styles are not appropriate and hard to clean.

4.Camber windows

This window type is very common in villas , landscape houses and duplex houses. The width of this type windows is very large and can create a imposing feeling in master bedroom and living room. The whole floor curtains are suitable for camber windows. Or you can use electric window rails to make deep decorative effect. But the height of windows and the weight capacity are big problems, so electric window rails or a layer of gauze is recommended.

5. Floor windows

Floor windows are very common in balcony and bedroom which have a strong decorative effect. Unique Japanese style curtains are popular in young people which are made of the whole fabric and fixed to tough type. The cost of rail installation is three hundred one meter and the technology is not so common in our country. People use this curtain to be a moving wall as a functional separation. You can separate bedroom and study room into two space by this curtain and it is very easy to clean and popular in young people.

How to select practical and beautiful curtains?

Curtains are environmental-friendly:
Heating are always installed below the windows, unless the curtains ate the same length as the windows. If for floor-style curtains, you should choose good heat-resistant fabric and will not block the heat into the room. For east toward or west toward rooms, you should choose special-treated fabric or neutral color fabric because stimulated by intense sunlight after a few hours, the curtains will fade or discoloration. The best choice is the curtain with heat-shielding performance.

Roman blinds for small windows:
Fabrics in the market are normal 1.4 meters wide, so the most suitable width is less than 1.4 meters. There is no need for seams, you only need buy the suitable length of fabrics. The room which lights change a lot should adopt Roman blinds so that you can control the light by adjusting the position of hem of curtains.

Guarantee privacy by privacy curtains:
People who live in L-shaped buildings or in small distance of two buildings do not want their privacy exposed in the public. For that reason, they need hang curtains for years . These curtains should have good light transmission and block the outside sight. People who live on the first floor or villa have the same problem. They should at least install two layers of curtains.

Absorbing sound to reduce noise:
As we all know that in he sound transmission part, the treble transport in a line and the reflection of window glass is very high. Therefore, a appropriate thickness of curtains can improve the indoor sound reverberation effect. Similarly, thick curtains can absorb part of the outside noise and improve the indoor sound environment.

The classifications of curtains

The classifications of curtains

There are several kinds of black out curtains, and can be divided into two parts: black silk black out fabric and white silk black out fabric. The black out fabrics consist of three layers of silk. And the middle silk is black. And in the black silk black out fabric, the middle layer is white silk black out fabric. The shading effect of black silk fabrics are better than the white ones, they can black out over 90% light and the white silk fabrics can black out 80% light, but the white silk fabrics look fresh and bright.

The fabrics of curtains can be divided into seven parts according to the crafts: printed fabrics, dyeing fabrics,yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard printed fabrics, embroidered fabrics, bronzing fabrics and embossed fabrics.

Printed fabrics: using the thermal transfer printed patterns or cylinder forming to print patterns in colored cloth and the printed curtains are colorful and full of a variety of patterns.

Dyeing fabrics: dyeing a single color in white embryo and this fabric is natural and elegant.

Yarn-dyed fabrics: classifying the silk according to the color of patterns and then dyed them, woven them in different patterns in accordance with the requirements. This kind of fabric has solid colors, clear lines and good?stereoscopic.

Jacquard printed fabrics: woven cloth in patterns, dyed colors and then printed patterns again. In simple terms, it is a craft which combines jacquard craft and printed craft.

Embroidered fabrics: embroidering the dyed embryo and this fabric is elegant and has good?stereoscopic.

Bronzing fabrics: bronzing the dyed embryo and this fabric has colorful patterns and very elegant.

Embossed fabrics: dyed embryo after hot working and embossed with floral patterns. The feature of this fabric is that the patterns are beautiful and touchable.

The direction of the window determines the thickness of the curtain

The direction of the window determines the thickness of the curtain

Curtains are the last step of the home decoration, but most budgets have been overdrawn when it comes to the last part of decoration. They do not consider curtains are a important part and do not want to waste too much money. This idea is totally false. Although curtains are not the main material of home decoration, they are also the home must haves. Because a set of beautiful curtain is the sparking point of home decoration and affect the integrity of home. Selecting a suitable curtain is necessary.

When you select curtains, you must consider the direction of windows. Windows towards south have full sunlight, so it is suitable to select gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics of curtains. While for rooms towards north, warm-toned colors and thick curtains are appropriate because these rooms are cold and dark. Choosing these kind of curtains can add the temperature of the room. If there are east-toward or west-toward windows in your room, the function of curtains is blacking out light. These black out curtains not only can shade sunlight, but also can keep room bright and fully use the natural light to bright room. If windows are near street or street lights and billboard lights are too strong, you can choose more thicker curtains to shade lights.

In addition, the side hung curtains are the most common style and the most practical ones. This kind of curtains are simple without any decorations, you can open or hang them freely and they are suitable for most windows. Consumers can design the curtains to one-side hung and two-side flat type according to the width of windows. The boundary is almost 1.5 meters as a reference. Lift curtains can be lifted to one side or both sides to create a beautiful lines and make a good decorative effect, they can match different modern strap accessories. Curtain head type is hard to produce but good in decoration. They can cover rough curtain trails and the space between the top of curtain and bottom of roof top to make the room look more neat and pretty.

Must have accessions for home–curtains

Must have accessions for home–curtains
In addition to the function of decoration, curtains play a important role in blacking out. There will inevitably exist dust in curtains after a long time, so from the point of beauty or health, curtains should be cleans once a year. So whether can we clean different textures of curtains in the same way? Here are five common ways of cleaning curtains.

Venetian blinds: water + mane brush
For these thin sheets, you can use water or polish on the surface and then wipe to dry. If the stain is difficult to clean, you can use a soft bristle brush. If the curtains are dirty, you can dip some detergent in warm water or wipe with a little ammonia solution.

Velvet curtains: Neutral cleaning liquid + flat drying
Velvet curtains are easily deformed, so when you clean them, you should put them in the neutral cleaning liquid like detergent, liquid soap, washing products used for babies and so on. Then you can press them gently with hands, dry them on the shelf without using hangers.

Electrostatic flocking curtains: alcohol + cotton gauze
Electrostatic flocking curtains are not easy to be dirty, so you do not need clean them regularly. But you must notice that do not rub in the water,brush or twist them, so as to avoid losing fabrics. For daily clean, you just need dip a little alcohol and wipe gently. If the flocking fabrics are too wet, you can press them to let out the water or let it dry naturally.

Cotton, polyester fabric curtains: cleaning by water
Cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics on the market. These curtains are durable and you can wipe them by water on daily time. If you need cleaning, you can put them directly into the washing machine with water and detergent.

Canvas, hemp curtains: warm water with soap solution + sponge
Canvas and hemp curtains are difficult to dry, so you must be careful without putting them directly into the water. On the contrast, you can use the sponge with warm soap solution to wipe.

What Are Panel Curtains and How Can They Be Useful In Homes?

So, you are wondering what panel curtains are? A panel curtain hangs down from the curtain rail which is then lowered and raised by folding it. They come with bottom and top rails which make sure that the curtain hangs rightly. It normally comes in a single curtain section which can be used in few window treatment solutions to create a functional effect.

Measuring for curtain panels

Measuring the panels for the curtains require knowledge on the kind of window you have at home. Supposing you have windows which are installed on the walls, you will want to make sure that you install hardware directly into the wall space that is present next to the window frame. If you want to hang the windows using the framework which you can see in vintage homes, you can measure from the inside top and the inside to highlight the features of the windows.

panel curtains

What to look for?

You can find panels for curtain coming in standard lengths to fit in just about any size of window. There are two basic styles which include rod-pocket that come with single pockets located at the top that is slipped onto a rod and hung. The rod-pocket styles can easily hide the rod completely. There are other panel styles which feature holes and large gussets that can slip over the rod.

Getting creative

You will want to make use of creative designs in your quest for beautiful looking curtains. You can make use of draping, one curtain rod, wrap long curtain panels, using a rod that looks decorative, to give your room a soft airy look. You can also use a single panel which comes made from different fabrics, patterns and complementary colors which you can drape over a pair of curtain panels.

panel curtains

As always you will want to make use of the online stores in making your purchase of panel curtains. There are many designs and options to choose from which can help in providing you with excellent choices. The prices are also good, with excellent discounts provided on the curtains, which you will want to hang inside your house.

What Are Plaid Curtains and Where To Use Them?

If you are looking for something that is classic, traditional, and timeless, then you will want to make use of plaid curtains. Plaid is called as tartan that found use in early Celtic cultures. It is usually an identifier which is used in Scotland and its kilts. The woven fabric was popular among the Scottish clan. You will want to know that the tartan shower curtain is a great decorative piece and familial heritage.

Where to use the plaid curtain?

Plaid curtains come in differentiating patterns which is ideal for a small area look quite bustling. You will want to make use of leather trays or baskets which can give your room a very intellectual appearance. You can also make use of gingham prints like the red and white gingham that can easily brighten up the bathroom.

plaid curtains

If you are living in a wooden house or country home, then you make use of tartan. The geometric feel and straight lines of the pattern give your rooms a contemporary look. The idea is to make your bathroom elegant and stylish. You can purchase from an online store as you can get more options to choose from.

Draw what is on your mind

It is good to use your imagination and come with your own designs. You will want to draw what is on your mind and come up with your own ideas. The décor of your room is vital before you decide the color and design of the curtain. The color of the room and furniture present will dictate the color and design of the curtain.

plaid curtains

If the color of the room is light toned, then you will want to use a dark toned curtain. You can also use light colored curtains in rooms having light tone like cream colored room having a light brown color curtain. The same can be done when using a dark color curtain like chocolate brown in a dark toned room.

Chevron Curtains: Change the way Your Home Looks

Interior designing is necessary as it soothes all eyes of the owner and gives you a homely feeling. Chevron Curtains provide you with a lot of patterns to choose from and it is absolutely beautiful to look at, yet it is classy by nature, making sure that it outclasses your neighbors in the looks and even in the functionalities. You get the aesthetic look you always wanted and what is better than jealous neighbors.
Supreme Look
If you are looking for eye soothing, stunning curtains that change the look of your rooms, Chevron Curtains are what you are looking for. It changes the look of your interior properly and looks stunning. The style of these curtains are unique in nature and once you have installed it in a room, you are likely to opt for these in every other rooms.

Total Control to you
You are in control of how your room looks and these Chevron Curtains give you the look and lets you have proper control over the light and breeze in your room. This is an absolute necessity because without proper light, you room will be damp and it’s not possible to keep the windows wide open all the time. When breeze flows through the room, the room stays healthy and you sure want that without compromising the privacy.
Intact Privacy
Privacy is essential for everyone. What you do in your room is completely your intention. None has a say in it and none should even try to judge you. Chevron Curtains let you maintain the privacy being the best of custom window curtains. These curtains restrict visibility while letting some lights in, thus you can keep your affairs to yourself without compromising the comforts associated with curtains. These amazing patterned curtains will certainly boost the way your interior looks and satisfy your expectation

Embroidered Curtains

Embroidered Curtains
This season’s furniture with the line and appearance of metal shows us a fashion retro European style. On the fabric, sometimes it will combine with natural materials, forms a mixture of modern, retro and natural styles. It reveals an elegant and modern, low profile and brilliant style. This year, European simple style curtain is becoming popular again.But it is different from the past one. It adds a lot of new elements so that insiders call it modern simple style. This style advocates nature and usually embroiders rigid patterns on the tulle. So the strong contrast highlights the modern sense.The fabric which embroiders rigid patterns is suitable for tiling. Because if we make it pleat curtain, it will cover the pattern characteristics of itself.

embroidered curtains

This embroisered style of fabric is suitable for contemporary and contracted household, simply paint the wall combined with this kind of fabric, then a fashion household will be completed at once.

In simple style room, wen can choose a good cut gauze as a curtain, which has good transmittance and can make the room looks large. A modern simple home design emphasizes on the unification of the design concept.

Now, there are a lot of faux silk materials, with real silk texture, luster and hang down feeling, but people can do it more simple. Thus it i s popular with consumers. However, there are many metal elements in faux silk materials to make the curtain more popular, such as gold and silver.

The Diversity of Plaid Curtains Comes Home

When you think about window treatments you may think of things in one color. Often time’s homeowners just think of one color for their curtains, for instance. But what if you don’t want something simple, and solid? What if you want to go with something more robust? It’s within that concept that you will find a great deal of diversity. There was a time where you could only get one type of solution here, but that’s no longer the case. If you want to go wild, you can do so. For instance, let’s say that you want to go with plaid curtains, you could totally do that, and you could even contrast it with an elegant design flow for your home. If you want to go this route, take a few practical bits of advice along with it.

Measuring The Windows

You’ll want to decide how you want these to sit. For some, having them go near the floor is a good choice. For others, it’s a matter of putting them directly in front of a window. There’s no “wrong” way to do this, you just have to figure out how you want to hang these in place, and how you want them to contrast with other elements that you have in your home. It’s easy to overlook this step, focusing more on the fabric and design of the window treatments. After you’ve measured things, you will be able to denote what solutions are going to work best for your needs.


The Layered Approach

For those that aren’t keen on just having one style in place, don’t panic. You could easily get plaid curtains and then layer them with a lighter or darker tone for contrast. In some instances, you could have two sets in place, so that you can close off a portion of the windows that are bringing in a lot of light, and still manage to have colorful displays. You can layer lighter tones underneath your darker solutions and see a good push forward in terms of design protocol.

The thing about plaid curtains is that they are diverse. You can splash several colors into this, and you can get a lot of unique elements overall. Plaid is not something that is relegated to just “one” color palette. You can be creative, you can layer things, and you can build towards the best solutions that will fit your home’s decor. It’s completely up to you of course.

Hide ugly walls with cute curtains

Curtains can make happy

Curtains are an essential part of any house. Everyone uses curtain for different purposes and of different types. There is variety of curtains available. Some curtains are plain in look, some are attractive and some are cute. Yes you heard it right, curtains can also be cute. Many of the people prefer cute curtains. They add a different and new pattern to the room and helps in hiding the ugly things and windows. Cute curtains ( are more expensive as compared to other curtains but there are many online stores who can provide you with the cute curtains in reasonable prices.

Varieties in cute curtains

The cute curtains can be available in different varieties and some of them are listed below.

1. Steel rings curtains – The curtains are made up of the stainless steel rings which are connected. It is easy to adjust this curtain as per the size. They look beautiful when there is wind; it feels as if the curtains are dancing. This type of cute curtains can be used to decorate rooms, make partitions, decorate dressing room, etc. This curtain gives a romantic feeling and it keeps a happy atmosphere.


2. Cartoon curtains – There are curtains available which are on linen and the cartoon and flowers are done with embroidery beautifully on them. These types of curtains look best in children room. They really look cute. A room well decorated and with such beautiful and cute curtains looks great.

3. Curtains with lace – The curtains are short in length and there are cute laces on it. This type of curtains looks great when there is wind and they are dancing on the beats of wind.

There are many more options available for cute curtains. Such curtains are also used by many especially the teenage girls and children. They change the atmosphere of your house.

How to choose curtains style for home decoration?

Curtains are an essential part for interiors decoration, but there are to many choices on the pattern, color, even curtains styles, many of us do not know how to choose curtains style or have no idea what curtain style would fit well their room. Very few people have not any requirement on curtain style but just for light shading so for them curtains style selection are very easy. But for most of us curtain style selection is not an easy task. Curtains style have a great impact on a house entire look for which is the first thing that your friend or your guest would see when they enter your home. Sofa or other decors come to next.

Before you have final decision on curtain style selection. Several styles you have to notice, such as pastoral style, European style, classic Chinese style, romantic and modern style.

Pastoral style

In China, pastoral curtains do not have very long history when they came out, the biggest advantage of pastoral curtains give a sense of natural feeling bring you back to natural work and enjoy a quiet countryside living.

European styles

The first European curtains best for villa or duplex buildings. They donate the luxury quality mainly in red and gold colors. When using European curtains for home decoration, sofa color and floor color are very important have to consider.


Classic Chinese style

These curtains styles are mainly based on Chinese culture and history to show an elegant look and good meaning for life for home decoration. They best for study room for its elegant and modest quality.

Romantic curtain styles

Romantic curtains are mostly used for bedroom with warm color and lovely pattern to create a sweet romantic place.

Modern curtains styles

Modern curtains style are mostly simple and casual that they are best to match with any room or furniture, which also the most popular curtains in nowadays. They would not used for living room if there are some decors in European style in the room.

After curtains style selection, curtains quality come to second place. Because of the variety choice on fabric and style, curtains prices from a bunk to ten of bunk even more hundred of bunk per meter. Some are more expensive. So shopping around in the local market or the big mall are necessary when doing curtains selection.

Bright your room with yellow curtain

Bright color has great quality on room brighten that is good for those dark rooms. The most special of bright color items are curtains and bedding sets. Take yellow curtain for example, which has the best bright quality for interiors.

For a room where is all in dark color, people feel uncomfortable because there is no light in the room, what a terrible room it is. What we need to do just do some change by hanging a curtain in the front of the window to make it look bright, that means some bright window treatments are necessary. Because of the different qualities, curtain selection is not to easy to customers. A good curtain use for home decor can have an ice on cake effect, like the bright yellow curtain used for dark room occasions greatly bright the room.


Certainly yellow curtain can be used to match a room where in light color to have a fresh looking. With yellow color to make room brighter, especially in summer, yellow is perfect color for interior decoration to make room cool.

All these are about yellow curtain qualities for home decor which doing well brighten room and has great looking in sight. Have a try on yellow curtain if you have no idea what curtain color to choose.

Choose Elegant Designs for Your Kid’s Curtain

All you want is to make your kid smile. There are so many different ways for that; however one of them is getting the interior of his room perfect for his choice. While you set his interiors, making them colorful should be your first priority and just think how colorful the room would be with kids curtains that have playful colors and print. They should be such that when your kid enters the room he must be engrossed with the beauty of the curtain.
Some designs and colors of kids curtains that may enlighten the room are

Funky prints

Children are bubbly and at their age they are learning things. They should be supported with their excitement over things. For these funky prints are there best associates. They love watching them and let their imagination fly along with them. You can choose popular cartoon characters that would enchant them more. Funny characters would ensure that they love the curtains most.

Creative figures

You may choose some curtains that have creative figures on them. Children love colorful themes and if you can get something like that they would love it. It is quite obvious that children are attracted by animals and fantasy images. So, be creative with the interiors of your kid’s room and you can find his imagination taking its wings.

kids curtains

Elegant patterns

If you want your kid rooms have some elegance you may introduce some elegant patterns of different hues in his room. These colors should be vibrant enough to radiate energy in the room. You can choose some patterns that would have some motifs.

Elegant patterns?- Not all parents want the same kind of interiors for their kids. While funky or creative options can be appealing to families, some accents are dedicated to elegance. In such situations, you can go with patterns that have several hues that come together to create a soothing design. You can go for stripes, shapes, or distant scenery to achieve this look. Creating a serene atmosphere is that bit easier with these kinds of design elements in the children’ curtains.