Choosing curtains for living room


Curtains are an important part of our home and it is important to see that we choose the most appropriate curtains for living rooms. When you are choosing them you need to take care for certain things. The most important things to take care are of the fabric of the curtains. There is variety of options when you are willing to choose the fabric. The next thing is the color of the curtains for living room. The color should be such that they sync with the remaining parts of the furnishings.

Living Room Floral Drapes


You can choose the drapes which can sync with the decor or you can also choose to contracts with them. If you wish to have the lavishing look then make sure to choose the deposes with the color that can easily compete the shape of the walls. Also if you want that the curtain for living room get focused, then the contrast can be chosen with the furniture or the walls. The next thing to be taken care with the floral curtains for living rooms is the prints and strips. It depends on the remaining decor of the home. If the soft furnishing is solid color then you can go with the oriented curtains for living rooms as it is the popular choice in this case.

Solid color living room curtains

Here is an example of interior collocation between curtains and indoor decorations. The extra wide solid curtain in light purple color can create a graceful and elegant environment. People can calm down and relax themselves when lying on the sofa. Even guest come to visit your home, they will get a comfortable and soft feeling. As for the tea table, we may as well choose the purple luxury vase to strengthen the visual effect. The vintage and shabby chic style, the warm and romantic purple color, and the exquisite craft, all of these can play the decorative role effectively. Maybe you think the solid large curtain looks a little boring and monotonous, then adding this kind of luxury and attractive vase must be able to improve the whole temperament.

High-grade purple vase

You should remember that the prints adds the visuals weight to the elements and thus a ways of working with the curtains in reputed form is that you pair them up with the solid colored furniture which is combined with the printed cushions and also the area rugs. You can also make use of the quirky prints and the patterns which can give you the complementary style of space. Floras can also be used and it can give the modern look and can suit both modern as well as traditional decor.

Selecting nursery curtains

Choosing theme

Curtains are important and are to be chosen such that it gives an enhancing look to your room and home. There are varieties of kids curtains which are available and one such special type of curtains includes nursery curtains. They are the excitement and fun for tall those who have become parents. It is amazing when you are willing to decorate the room for your baby. It is always important that you choose the right fabric for your nursery curtains. If the fabric is chosen correctly then it can give your room the prefect and finishing touch.

kids room nursery curtains

Nursery room

Choosing the curtains is a simple matter and there is certain important thing which you need to consider. Usually the parents start with designing the baby room with the selection of a theme. They work around the chosen theme. Once the theme is chosen and decided then it become easy for you to choose the color of the nursery curtains. You can choose the color as well as the fabric which can complement your room. When it is about the curtains the color is much more important. At the time of the first 6 weeks the baby spends much of time in sleeping and thus usually parents prefer to have the darkening blinds.

kids room nursery curtains

You can also choose some of the dark colors if you wish to give your baby a sound and good sleep. You can transition the color of the curtains of your baby room once the baby grows up. Parent also considers the material about the nursery curtains. You can get the fantastic look for the window treatments with the materials like silk, netted and cotton materials. You need to decide based on the techniques of the material and what you are willing to accomplish in room. The material which is thick will be balancing the light and they will keep the nursery warmer.

Valance curtains

The valance curtains often impress people with  elegance and grace. If you want to create a vintage or the royal style, you definitely can not miss the valance curtains. The valance is added in the horizontal way and the curtains is the vertical one. Such match present a charming and attracting look to the households.

Luxury European Style curtains

The valance curtains always are be defined as the attachment of the ordinary curtains. Yes, the valance is an ornament to not only the curtains but also the ceiling or the whole room, which looks very vintage and can let you go back to the middle century of the Euro once you are in such occasion. By the way, such curtains are thicker than the ordinary curtains in terms of its fabric.

Beside the valance, you can add more ornaments above the curtain to make your room look quite different. You can take advantage of the old fabric to  circle around the window which will make the window look  warmer. Besides, you can cut the paper  flower ring from your art book and then stick it beside your window, which also a good idea.

red waterfall valance curtains

Actually, you need not to buy the particular goods to decorate your room, just think creatively and make the most of the already-existing items in your home. Now, let us start working!

Bohemian Curtains Sale

There are many fashion style in the world. Bohemian style is very famous. As we all know, many designers use such style to design things. For example, there are bohemian clothes, bohemian shoes, bohemian furniture, bohemian blanket. Even curtains also have bohemian style. In daily life, bohemian style is everywhere you can find.

Bohemian Lavender Sunflower Print Curtains

Bohemian style normally represent freedom and full of artistic feeling. If you choose a bohemian curtain for your home, it definitely will bring amazing effect for your house. Bohemian curtains usually are made of bright color, and elegant fabric, it can make whole house look lively.

If your house is near ocean, we believe bohemian curtains are the best choice to decorate your house.

Gypsy curtains

Gorgeous gypsy curtains bring passion for your life. Gypsy design normally is filled with creativity. Gypsy curtains can make house look unique and modern. From soft to rough pattern make whole curtain look creative so that can make home look fashion.

Beaded curtains

Beaded curtains have strong decorated function. People normally hang them front the door or put them in living room so that can make whole space look unique. If area in home you feel too large, but you do not want to cut off with wall. We think beaded curtains can help to cut off space better, also different beaded curtains also can decorate such area look different.

Animal printed curtains

Animal printed curtains

It definitely is very popular for people, also is an important element in bohemian curtains. Animal pattern is charming and unique. If you feel flat curtain is monotonous, you can also add some lace or ruffle on curtains so that can make whole curtain look elegant and wild.

There are various curtain designs in market, bohemian curtains is very unique and wonderful choice, if you want to get a special and wild home style, you can try with bohemian curtains. It can bring you amazing effect.

Modern curtains

In early time, most people think curtains are  not very important, so curtain is just used as the cloth to cover the window. However, nowadays, most of us think curtains could make house more beautiful and attractive. So  modern curtains have many creative designs and which could go well with indoor furnishing and they are also very simple.

Modern curtains

Gray ,beige and white are mainly used in modern curtains. If you could use creative patterns in curtains, then your house will be more contemporary. You may have paid attention that  most curtain designers use silk cloth when they design curtains, as they are smooth and shiny, which could make the house elegant.

How to use modern curtains to change the appearance of your house?

Some pure white cotton curtains to make your house elegant and classical , which is straight. At present, glass, bamboo and linen modern curtains are also becoming more and more popular. If you want to make your curtain dreamy, you could use stainless steel stick or ball to connect together as a string of beads. Modern curtains even could be designed according to your necessary and taste.

Modern curtains

If you need affordable , simple and modern curtains, you could buy some cloth  to let tailor to edge curl , sew up and finish it. Curtain’s thread and medal clamp should be flexible and your curtains could be also very great. Such kind of curtains will change your home.

Kids Window Curtains

Adding pretty window treatments when decorating the kids’ room is a task that is taken care of by most parents. It is easier to add an extra character to the room by choosing the right window treatments the fact that it is a place for the little ones. Those who already have children can agree that it is quite difficult to please them and you will always do anything that makes them happy. It is advisable to change their rooms once they become teenagers whether it is a room for a boy or girl. They feel like grown-ups when you give them the needed privacy and settings for studying and meet with friends. There are a few curtain ideas you can implement if you are seeking to redo your kids’ room.

Animal Patterns Blackout Curtains

The best way to create effects in any bedroom is by choosing the right color of paint. You can also ask your kids to collaborate in creating layered effects on their walls and windows. They need to be comfortable with what you choose for them and the colored walls will blend well with the same color of patterned curtains. Most kids prefer curtains with animal prints. There is probably a particular animal they like and would love them as toys or engraved in their window treatments.

Roller shades work well for nurseries and their primary purpose is to regulate the amount of light coming into the room. The storage cornices are useful in hiding underlying hardware for the kids curtains. They also add a lot of detail and character to the room. You will find them very functional when they are used as a storage space. A number of knick-knacks your toddler accumulated when they grow up can be overwhelming. Use a contrasting color to blend with the coat of paint on the finished storage cornice.

Kids Window Curtains

One of the simplest and cheapest ideas to decorate your kids’ window is by having themed curtains. With the wide variety of patterns to choose from, it is always easy to determine the pattern that matches the theme of the room. You can start with fairy tale patterns for a girl’s room. They may become tired over time with the fairies and you can look for something unique that can act as a perfect replacement. Purchase a curtain with mermaid patterns to give an underwater theme. You can probably find some buzz light year prints or trains/trucks prints for the boy’s room to make it distinctive from the girl’s room.

Will blue and white curtains are good for your home?

If you are not sure which kind of curtains you can choose, blue and white curtains can be good choice because they are so popular in decades. Though styles of your will be something different, this kind of curtains can always be suitable for many families.

blue and white toile curtains

If you want to choose curtains that will make your home look elegant, or different colors can be a good combo, you can choose curtains like thees without any hesitation. These can be beautiful in your bedroom or some other occasion of your home.

Blue and White Thermal curtains

Maybe you want to know why this kind of curtains are loved by so many people and whether they are unique enough for home decor. If you always want to live in comfortable and private environment, you can choose curtains with single color curtains because they will look beautiful both in the light and sunshine. Light color curtain can give you a feeling that they are breathable, so you can consider to use these no matter in dining room or bedroom.

You can think that blue and white are bright, energetic and they can bring you to the best environment. As long as you put them in the right place, they can play their role well.There are more and more people choose curtains to decorate their home, for example, you can use curtains to divide your room or you can hang curtains around your bed and so on.

navy and white geometric drapes

Besides,you can also choose blue and white shower curtains for your bathroom, you can imagine the blue water when you hang up the curtains, and this kind of color is cool for you to use especially in summer. Pay attention to how to use and install these curtains in your home to make them look more elegant and fresh.

An energy efficient honeycomb for your windows

Curtains and blinds are usually the options people go to when they think about sprucing up the look of their windows. However even if these two options come with the promise of blocking cold and light, they are not as savvy as promised. You now have a new choice- cellular shades. For those who might still be unfamiliar with this, cellular shades are covers for your windows that come with the added feature of blocking or filtering light and providing insulation. The cell shapes can hold in air that act as an insulating medium.Energy saving curtains is your best choice.

energy efficient curtains

Most people might think that these window-coverings are dull and drab, but you’d be surprised to know they come in many shapes and colors! Cellular shades are made of soft fabric or paper like materials. The cell sizes vary and so does their insulating properties, so you can easily choose the best size according to your pocket and requirements.

Cellular shades come in many colors. They can also be customized according to your need. You can manage the length and width as per your need and also choose their cell size, making these shades ideal for all rooms and windows even the oddly shaped ones.

Choose only blackout shades or insulating, you can also choose both the qualities. The backing can be made in lovely neutral colors for street appeal. A bottom rail can be added for weight and durability plus all the hardware like tassels, cords, head and bottom rails can be made in same color as the shades for a more elegant look.

There are lot of alterations you can make in your shades. You can add a pull cord for manual control or a cordless shade for safety and ease, as many people opt for cordless shades and blinds due to child safety purposes. These shades can also be motorized and can slide up or down o the flick of a switch. Which brings to another feature, a top-down or bottom-up shade, even a combination of both! It is also possible to add another fabric to your shade, such as sheer fabric at the top or bottom to allow some light in, this fabric could also be a blackout fabric in case you want no light but just the appeal of another fabric.

Now let’s come to choosing the right color: if you want something to match your couches or other furnishings, you can choose a similar shade of cellular shades. However choose a neutral shade for long term use. Two shades of fabric can be used at the same time, if you feel adventurous. Some websites offer the facility of ordering free samples in different colors, cell sizes and materials to help you in making your decisions.

energy efficient curtains

You can shop both online and in-store for the best available options in terms of both quality as well as price. Usually multi-orders can get you discounts also seasonal sales and stock clearance are great chances to get your hands on a great deal.

Cellular shades are a great proliferation in the choices of window coverings. Now you don’t only beautify your windows, you also benefit by reducing your heating and cooling bills. A win-win situation for both you and your budget!

Why are Room Darkening curtains essential for your room?

Curtains are essential for every room. Sometimes curtains are simply meant for adding elegance to a house and other ways they are used to bring in darkening at night. Room Darkening Curtains are widely popular these days. After a hectic day work, every person desire to have a perfect sleep at night. But often the outside lights trouble their sleep. In order, to resolve customer’s problems and make them feel relieved this darkening curtain is designed.

Green Fiber Modern Curtains Designs

What the need of using Room Darkening curtains?

  • Often room darkening window curtains are a way to block sunlight and other lights from entering the room.
  • Darkening effects of these curtains create a special place for you to spend all precious moments.
  • It makes your bedding comfort with a compact view of the light.
  • Helps to maintain your private life, as you will be able to guard it against the outsider. Nobody will peep through your window.

Room Darkening curtains


  • These Room Darkening curtains are energy efficient and thus keep a check for the temperature control of your place.
  • There are ranges of fabric used to make these curtains, and you can choose, as you prefer.
  • For an effective way of controlling light, these curtains comprise of streamlined designs.
  • Appealing forms of collections are there for this room darkening set.

In case, if you were a true follower of qualities then definitely features behind these curtains would be satisfactory for you. Else, certain insignificance might block your way. In fact, at times a free home demonstration is also provided such that room darkening window curtains prove their exact definition. From simplest to the most stylish one all are available within your set budget. Feel free to make a purchase whenever you are in need of making changes in your house.  This versatile curtain range is waiting at your doorstep with vivid patterns to choose.

Add more personal and elegant touch to your bathroom with unique shower curtains

Shower curtains are considered to be the focal point in bathroom. So, make them stand elegant and enhance the look of your bathroom. Some people like plain and ordinary shower curtains and some don’t; whereas others like unique shower curtains. Having a unique show curtain reflects your personal sense of style.

Selection of materials

You can start choosing the materials based on your interest. Color and designs are the two most obvious factors to consider. Sideways, there are number of other factors to consider. Initially, find a shower curtain that is made up of different materials and texture. The thicker and textures style curtains are more sturdy than any other standard shower curtain. In fact, they last for longer duration.

Retro Print Blue Nautical Shower Curtain

Bathing themes

If you want specific theme for your bathroom, shower curtains are available to cater your needs. Just imagine how wonderful your bathroom may look when it is adorned with unique shower curtains such as sandy beach scene, sky with stars and moon and a fish filled aquarium. When you shower curtain depicts any of these scenes or similar such scenes, then you will be transforming your entire bathroom into a vacational place.

Color selection

There is no such limit for colors and designs while choosing curtains. Obviously, you will be pleased with the every color you choose.

When you have aforementioned options to make your bathroom truly special, then what’s the need to settle with something which doesn’t reflect your individuality? It doesn’t matter what type of atmosphere would you like to create for your bathroom, you can find suitable curtain that help you in accomplishing the task in an easier way.

shower curtain

shower curtain

Here are two examples which are suitable for the boys bathroom and girls bathroom respectively. For girls, they usually like sweet and cute pink color. Then, they can feel like a princess in that dreamy environment. Parents can choose the cute bathroom decorated with Hello Kitty pattern. The sweet and warm color, the funny and chic pattern, all are able to create a different and wonderful bathroom. Similarly, for boys bathroom, parents usually paint the whole bathroom in blue color with dolphin patterns, coastal patterns, nautical patterns and so on. The graceful navy or blue color can show an Ocean style. Boys will have an amazing and Mediterranean bathroom to relax themselves and play happily. Besides, there is no chemical elements in the fabric, so both curtains are safe for kid’s health. And one of the advantages of kids shower curtain is that it can insulate the moisture and mold effectively for its polyester fabric. Then, kids will have clean and cool bathroom.

Regardless of the individual preferences, surely you will find unique shower curtains that are just suitable for you.

Create a unique style of sense with Navy Blue Curtains for your home

A normal practice is that people end up buying their bathroom supplies and other furnishings in green, blue, yellow or white colors. But have you given a thought to use dark colors as bathroom accessories such as navy blue curtains for your shower. Of course, conservative people may experience a shock on the very thought of navy blue that is really dark color for a bathroom.

print dark blue curtains


Certainly, navy blue curtains are a dark color, but there are reasons why one should choose such dark color curtains.

In case, your bathroom appears very large, merely hang a dark colored curtain, it will appear compact and neat. The next point to consider is why one would consider having a smaller bath. This is because smaller bathrooms are cozier than the huge bathrooms, besides the smaller baths are more personal and private. Thus, you need not take a bath or shower in a bath that gives a feel of being in a public bathroom.
dark blue animal curtains


Modern decors consider sleek and clean designs and go for dark and light combinations. This makes the lighter color look brighter and your bathroom appears squeaky clean. Navy blue curtains make an ideal season décor choice. You need not invest in high-priced curtains and instead choose a color that will highlight the place, be it your storage cabinet or the attic.
blue curtains

Additionally, we can put a navy blue non-slip mat which is made of chenille or velvet fabric under the shower curtain. Then you will be filled with the soft and smooth feeling when sitting on the non-slip mat. It can also absorb the moisture on your feet.

Dark colors are very helpful as they do not reveal the dirt as the light colors. Owing to this, one need not frequently wash their shower curtain. You can merely wash the visible dirt or if you find it smells. Thus, the dark color curtains make a right choice for people lacking time or are less interested in washing curtains to have fun and to attend to curtains only if required. Thus navy blue curtains create a unique style sense

Polka Dot Curtains expresses your personality

Are you looking for a new shower curtain, sky is the limit, run your imagination. There are many designs available ranging from classic white to rainbow stripes in multi-color and polka dot curtains. There is always a safe play and it is none other than having polka dots. Personally, a shower curtain is an absolute choice for your bathroom and it forms a focal point expressing your personality.

white and grey Polka Dot Curtains

Choosing plain, patterned, striped or polka dot curtains are a definite choice and it adds authenticity to any house. This curtain blends into any of the rooms and it makes a bold statement into your bathroom. In fact, people can consider any theme such as retro, Gothic or novelty for the bathroom, so that it is an inspiration point and then choose a curtain with polka dots having over one color. It is said to use over one color so that you can accent the décor by coordinating it with the dots.

polka dots curtains

A decoration of any room, even a bathroom is complete only on matching the sets with curtains, drapes, towels, bathmats, tank covers and toilet seat. However, this seems to be a daunting task and to have everything matching means you have to be very fortunate to get everything in coordination. The best is to consider polka dot curtains with multi-colors, so that the setting of sets in accordance can be done with ease. In fact, you can also match accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, wastepaper bins, toothbrush holders, and more.

There is no need for you to have it regularly. You can collect one by one and keep these accessories to use on special holidays namely, Halloween, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas and St Patrick’s Day. Ensure your bathroom has a neutral floor so that you can change the curtains as you wish.

Beige Curtains offers better vibes, besides looking striking

Normally, light color fabrics are not considered for curtains, especially in homes having kids. This is for substantial reasons such as the material in light colors get stained or dirty quickly. Especially, beige curtains or white curtains look beautiful and attractive when they are new, but if they get stained or dirty, it look unhygienic and unattractive requiring frequent replacing.

The pale colored curtains or even the fabric of the upholstery as home furnishings look dull, tired or grimy as they are regularly used and it becomes difficult to clean. Thus, choosing darker fabrics is helpful for home in decorating and maintaining.

beige curtains

The advantage of the fabrics in light colors such as cream curtains cannot be ignored. It is definitely worth considering, though the disadvantages may surmount sometimes. The reason to choose cream or whites in curtains or upholstery fabric is because:

Firstly, these pale colored fabrics look striking and the aesthetics of these fabrics make it fashionable, despite the fact that it requires higher maintenance.

The darker hues are practical and nothing exudes luxury. They are popular furnishing choices in designer homes and luxury establishment. The light colors are amazing neutrals that blend seamlessly with the environment.

valance Beige curtains

Light colors make ideal choice for homes that wish to have a classy, neutral and classic feel. Whites and beige country curtains are minimalist and sophisticated, and there is no doubt that this tone conveys better vibes.

These pale colors are certain to get quickly grimy and so precautions must be taken such that buy pale color in fabrics that offer easy cleaning, such as cotton or cream faux leathers. You also must have a stock of cleaning products suitable for your fabric. Take time, use vacuum on a regular basis and ensure the light color does not fade in the aim of maintaining a stunning hue.If you wnat to know more,please see here.


The importance of choosing fabric of curtains

Choosing curtains should consider several factors.

Checkered Curtains

Blackout Bedroom or Living Room Polyester BlackCheckered Curtains $59.99 Save: 40% off

This one has classical black and Grey grid window treatment. If fits for living room, dinning room or bedroom with a great blackout. The reasons why you need to thick material is that can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Checkered Curtains

There are many feature of the blackout fabric. It can block out sun light by physics. This curtain is made by natural craft, plus three layers tatting, and inter-layer black silk. The front and back side are same spinning and weaving craft. This curtain with blackout fabric is more bright, better color fatness without fading to make the visual enjoyment for you. This one is more durable and can be used for ten years longer. It is eco-friendly and no pollution. This kind of curtain is easy to wash and can be washed by washing machine.

Checkered Curtains

The good quality can be seen with the details, you can see the water soluable embroidery on it.

Checkered Curtains

The thick fabric with simple color will make the interior space looks more comfortable and elegant.

Checkered Curtains

Tie ball is an necessary collation with curtains. You can also add the grey tie balls in your cart. It’s cheap, and this pair of tie balls will make the curtain looks top grade.

Checkered Curtains

The gauze curtain has strong fall feeling and easy to clean, and the pure color is not easy to fade.

Checkered Curtains

You also can choose the hanging heads for gauze curtain. These decoration can make the whole curtain looks more exquisite. If you wanna add these stuff, pls contact the consumer service.

The best choice for kids room

Some parents would like to the custom curtains rather than ready made curtains. The colors of curtain is also a factor that parents need to consider.

Star curtains

Adorable Nursery Kids Bedroom Blackout and Thermal Star curtains  $49.99 Save: 40% off
Light colors can make background dark . It is suit to the room, which has strong sun lights. The light colors can make you cool in summer with thermal black out curtains which featuring printed texture. The thick fabric of curtains also can keep your room warm in summer.

Star curtains

Different patterns can bring different feeling for your room. The shining star patterns can make your room full of mysterious. Stars and moon patterns develop a small privacy universe for kids, it looks peaceful in the night.

Star curtains

The material of kids curtain must be important. The fabric of this curtain is top grade and eco friendly. This one is made of poly and cotton blend and easy to washed by washing machine. Changing and Washing curtain often is important , it can avoid germ and dust, which hiding in the curtain. Hence, choosing the curtain with good fabric and change it regularly are indispensable.
Star curtains

Attention to the details, you can see the yarn trim is completely and smooth. Comparing each curtain, the overall looking is important, so as the details.
Star curtains

The blackout rate of gauze is around 15%. This one adds some spongy lead yarn to make it looks elegant and full of sagging sense. If you want to buy gauze and curtain together, you can contact the customer service.