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How to install curtain rods?

2016-03-15 07:03:29

How to hang curtain rods

Curtains rods are mainly made of metal and wood, and different materials curtain rods decide the different styles of them. Metal rods are artistic while those wood rods will give you a soft and gentle feeling, and these rods you choose will form striking contrast. Choosing of your rods will not be limited and you can choose any style curtain rods in different rooms. Therefore, most people will pay much attention to how to hang curtains rods, and following I will share you with some suggestions.

Firstly, you should ensure the width and height of the installation, and height of installing curtains is according to the windows type. Generally, width of curtain rods will be wider than the window about 7-10 inches. ( Some subtle differences don't matter. )

How To Install Curtain Rods

Secondly, it is necessary for you to fix the curtain rods and punch them, in order to avoid the long distance of the fix device that cannot suffer the tension, so you have to calculate the distance of the punch. Then you can draw a line to mark it and drill holes on the wall and install the screws. ( Lines should be straight and you can draw it with the help of some tools. )If the installation place is wooden, you don’t need to drill and just use self-tapping screws to fix.

How To Install Curtain Rods

How To Install Curtain Rods

After all of these have been prepared, you can hang curtain rods on the fixed equipment and beautiful curtains are waiting for you. By the way, have you known clearly about how to hang curtains rods? Just have a try!

How To Install Curtain Rods

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