Beautiful Blue and White Stitching Curtain

More and more people going to changing some fresh furniture foe home decoration as summer is coming.

First style is ocean blue color curtain

The ocean color is fresh and cool. That would be cool if decorate inside home with ocean blue color. Classic blue and white blend colors are best ideal. White is the most common seem in summer, present to fresh and pure when using white color in summer can be cool achievement. Another color is blue which full of mystery and cool. Such kind of fresh color are sue in summer are very nice. In some abroad families, white and blue combination curtain are most used for home decoration with which make room look more cool and fresh.

Second:Light absorption curtain

As we all know, it is hot when wearing black dress in summer day. The reason is black color can absorbs light. And heat can not goes out if there is blackout curtain hanging up in front the window, and the inside home is hot for the high temperature. That was why people abroad are using white and blue curtain instead black curtain for home decoration. These blue and white curtain can absorb the heat out and allow the inside heat go through to reduce the inside temperature to keep room cool. Just like you want to keep cool inside home when you opening the air conditioning.

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