How to choose the right striped curtain for home decor?

Living room curtain is not the same as bedroom curtain or study office. More attention need to pay to when doing living curtain selection. A wrong choice can weaken the beautiful for home looking but not any advantage for home decoration. For example, the striped curtain, how to choose striped curtain to have a perfect look for our interior decoration?

What striped curtain can go with the living room where has white wall and light colored sofa?

Sometime it is very easy to have a perfect collocation. For example, if there is beige floor, warm colored curtain of brown striped curtain is best choice for this striped curtain can provides a casual simple but elegant room atmosphere instead of monotonous. Perfect looking if there some mural and pillows on the sofa.


If there are beige floor and wall in a room, what curtain color is would be better choice? And what sofa color might be?

For living room, everything can go with each other is most important. Yellow curtain is the best idea if there are beige floor and wall in the room. All these come together to create a warm sweet room place. Striped sofa adding to all are perfect. A fresh bight living room become comfort and brightly immediately.