Insulated curtains – Energy saver

Introduction of insulated curtains

In recent times global warming is becoming more obvious and so people are feeling hotter in summer which leads to increase in use of air condition. The use of air conditioners leads to increase in usage of electricity. Seeing this scenario the insulated curtains are developed. Many people doubt that how can be curtains insulated? But yes the curtains are introduced. There are many advantages of the insulated curtains which are listed below. Due to the benefits of these curtains they are very famous in the foreign countries.


Why use insulated curtains?

The major advantage of insulated curtains is that it helps in preventing the heat. It is the main function of these curtains. An experiment had been performed and one room had the normal curtains and another had the insulated curtains. The room with insulated curtains experienced a lower temperature. The temperature was 8 degree lower than the normal room. You can also try this experiment and it really works. The curtains help in maintaining the room temperature and thus help in reduction in usage of the air conditioners. So in this way the curtains help to reduce the heat and saves electricity.

The curtains can help in maintaining the temperature. Many have doubt that the curtains are useful in summer but what about winter? The curtains have advantages in winter also. This is another advantage of the insulated curtains that it can keep the temperature. The working of the curtains is similar to the thermos bottle. The curtains prevent the cold air in winter and keep the room warm. In summer the curtains prevent the sunlight and keep the room cool. In winter when the temperature would be high the insulated curtains would be useful as it will maintain the temperature in room. So the curtains are beneficial in all seasons. (Insulated Curtains)