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Floral shower curtain gives you a colorful bathroom

Bathroom where is the most privacy place in the house, decorate an exquisite room style highlighting house owner fashion taste and attitude to life. Shower curtain is an essential part for bathroom decoration. White shower curtain is natural fresh what was why we use white color most in home decoration. If there an extra floral pattern, that would be an exquisite design idea. But there are some tips we need to know when we use floral shower curtain for home decor.

First of all, better choosing the long shower floral shower curtain but with an appreciate length. Better higher 2-3 cm from the floor. If there is short shower curtain, it is easy to flow up then you might be seem without any covers in the bathroom. Instead to long items, too long to the floor easy dirty and contaminated with bacteria.


Second is the water bar

Although there is water drain on the floor, but it is too slow to clean out all the water when we taking shower. So a water bar to present water splashing is necessary. Shower curtain should be hung inside the water bar so that water can not flowing out.

Finally is floral shower installation

Aluminum board use mostly in installation, install the curtain track into the board then fasten; then hanging up the shower curtain, if there was supporting bracket, expansion rod can be used. If there is arc track, put it on the supporting bracket, fasten by screw nut.

Floral shower curtain can be an beautiful decoration for bathroom and being a safe heath commodity.

Designer curtain must collocated with room style

Designer curtain is most noticed on for every family when they doing home renovation. For professional curtain design job, there is financial investment. Here we are going to talk something about collocation of curtain and room style.

First is bathroom curtain and shower curtain collocation idea

Following the simple and complex principle to do the collocation of bathroom and shower curtain because vivid bright colored shower curtain can be a great horizons spread product and can create a lively bathroom. Those colorful shower curtains are best for simple design idea bathroom.


Second: uniform color principle

Bathroom is small room but a great capacity place for where there are lots of daily products to make our life more convenient. If there is an uniform color on shower curtain and towel that would be great harmonious and comfortable bathroom. The most simplest collocation is white color.


What are the advantages of black shower curtains?

White is shower curtain’s main color for white color looks pure and clear and it makes bathroom look very clean. But nowadays. many bathroom use black shower curtains for decor. Why? Is there any advantage to support that people like black shower curtain for home decoration? The answer is certainly "yes".

First black shower curtain not easy make dirty.

Black color is not easy to make dirty when using for public bathroom where have many people come and go. light color shower curtain hanging here easy to make dirty and make bathroom look very dirty and mess. But black shower curtains are easy to solve this problem and stains on the curtain can not be found.


Second blackout shower curtain is clam and comfortable curtain

Black color present to safe and comfortable different from white color, it has good separate quality. There are many people take shower in public curtain, people would not like to be seem when they are taking shower while there are some people dressing in the rest room. Therefor, black shower curtain has best separate quality easy to solve this problem.

Unique shower curtain gives you easy life

Shower curtain sounds very ordinary, in the home improvement process, and often is overlooked, we are constantly planning living room, bedroom, study curtains and pondering, but the bathroom was not sure, in fact, shower curtain need our carefully selected, unique shower curtain will bring you a different feeling, here we introduce several unique shower curtain.

Unique shower curtain, the first number of this modern, fashion trend pattern, understated dark gray, so the bathroom is full of romantic modern colors, very suitable for young people, simply bears passion.


Striped pattern shower curtain is a good choice, though not eye-catching bright spots, but overall elegant and generous, a simple and clean beauty, rich content, enough to feel the owner’s taste.

Ethnic type shower curtain, shower curtain can be described as unique, the market is rare, retro pattern with the use of a deep sense of ethnic style, simple but adds a different kind of style bathroom, so the bathroom is full of ethnic charm.

Unique shower curtain gives you a different mood, make your life easier.

Shower curtains have variety of patterns

There are many patterns on shower curtains when we are going to choose one. Just follow what you need to pick up one item for home decoration. For those patterned curtains what matter would connect to and what kinds of styles are included in?Here we will share you some items in a short knowledge.

Shower curtain’s patterns relate to the material of different fabrics. There are different patterns on bamboo curtains, nylon curtains or thick denim fabric curtains. Therefor fabric can be one for customer to base to when choose curtain.


Shower curtain have many styles like elegant and actively style, or some are country style. People just need to make sure the curtain match well with the whole room style when choosing shower curtains to create an harmony collocation. And people need to know no mater what fabric is the shower curtain. please hang up to dry after using because shower curtain hanging up under the moisture and high temperatures place can easy to be damaged.

Chic shower curtain – openwork embroidery Terri Wong

Chic style shower curtain is not only chic, but also includes a selection of chic. It is very popular on the market this year, a unique style of chic shower curtain cloth – Terri Wong cloth, which is a major market of Chinese silk fabrics style, with openwork embroidery seductive charm attracted the attention of all domestic and foreign businessmen, became everyone snapped product, use it for the shower curtain is not only beautiful and elegant, chic, but also very easy to take care of. Thus occupied the shower curtain market place.

Chic shower curtain is made of polyester as raw material, the use of advanced technology changes plain strip with spindle machines weave a delicate texture, unique fabrics, then pierced the gray cloth embroidered and dyed to form a set of artistic, decorative, hanging in one of the shower curtain cloth, beautiful and practical, bright colors, stylish new openwork pattern so that in an ideal home decoration fabrics.

French Cool Print Black Cityscape Shower Curtain

Chic shower curtain is made of this material is not only nice, but also easy to clean, and has good market prospects.

Shower Curtain Maintenance and Cleaning

How to care about and clean your shower curtain after suing. Carefully remove the shower curtain after take a shower to make the air circulation and prevent mildew. Put a bag of silicone near to the shower curtain with which can prevent mildew. If there are some stains on the curtain and can’t clean clearly. It needs to change a new one. If there are some stains in the bathroom or tub. it can be cleaned with a toothbrush or cotton swabs. Best way to keep a bathroom clean is regular use detergent or vinegar water to clean bathroom to prevent scale generation.

If a shower curtain fabric is canvas or cotton. Using hot soapy water to wash and iron it when it is dry. If there are some mildews difficult to clean. Bleach is a good helper to solve the promble. Shower curtain can be washed by maschine if you do not want to wash by hand. Put 4 glasses of vinegar into and let it there along for a nigh then wash. The curtain will be washed cleanly.

If the cuetrain materail is plastic. It can be cleaned directly used to wipe cloth dipped in vinega. There is more splash water and stains in the bottom and the upper side. But it is easy to clean up just use a brush with some saltto clean the curtin. Using vinegar wanter to rub after the completion and then the stain can be removed completely.

Best Trendy Shower Curtain

Whether it is good or not to buy the shower curtains online

Shower curtain online purchase is one of the most important trends, which is now continuous developing in the commerce era, because the shower curtain installation and use of the product itself is very simple, so there is a lot of people like to buy this shower curtains online way and choose their favorite products. While whether the online buying is good? The answer is yes, the main reasons have listed below.

First, there would be more choice for the online buying.

Shower curtain online purchase can remain within doors to enjoy choosing every kind of the shower style curtains directly on the network, it is difficult to do in real stores, and this is the best possible choice for their products to the shower curtain. And the convenient transport would make the buying more convenient.

Second, if you choose the online buying you will get more benefits

The manufacturers sales who sell the shower curtains online directly can save many intermediate links, so also can maximize the benefit to consumers, so you can make the consumer to buy the most suitable and affordable shower curtain, it must be better to compare with the bargain in the stores.

Victorian White Color Animal Stylish Vinyl Shower Curtain

Third, online buying would be convenient.

Now the increasingly rapid pace of life, people’s time is more valuable, so at this time, buy the shower curtains through the online way can greatly save your time, also can buy shower curtain products in your favorite more quickly, it is an extremely efficient and new shopping choice. Just as you order the shower curtains on line and the express man would deliver them to your hands directly, you don’t have to wandering to choose the styles, and you don’t have to arrange your time your schedule, what you should do after the online order is to wait.

To sum up, now the online purchasing of the shower curtain or has a very strong maneuverability, also has many advantages, of course, the most important point is still can save a lot of money, this buying shower curtain method would bring a big adjustment in the shower curtain purchase mode of the shower curtain sales industry, which would also be helpful to the rational shower price. Although there are so many convenient points can be found in the online buying way, we also should pay attention to the money safety problem.

The white shower curtains make you comfort and neat

The white color gives us the neat feeling, so when most people decorate their houses, they would choose the white colors, especially for the small house, the white color is their first choice, since in the sight, the white color could add the width of our sight.

white shower curtains

In order to make your environment neat, when we decorate our bathroom, we always like the white color to decorate the house, the white shower and bathroom will give us the simple feeling, the white bathroom will be simple and pretty, in order to make our bathroom feeling, or in order to add some romance, then I think it is necessary for us to make some decorations.

Maybe we could think about the expensive decorations, the expensive accessories could reach the effect like that, but that will cost lots money, I think you could take some soft factors, the factors will make the bathroom full of their fresh and romantic ground feeling.

white shower curtains

The shower curtains will be your best choice, at times, they will not be paid attention to, but at the same time, the shower curtains could be chosen according to our like, sometimes it will be the full of ground, the colors and pictures of curtains could be chosen according to our characters, the fresh green, elegant purple and light blue, they are good choices, in face the most popular color could be white, maybe you could say, the bathroom color is white, if you add the white shower curtains, then you could say that that will lose the romantic feeling.

white shower curtains

In fact the white shower curtains always give us the fresh and elegant feeling, that could show the elegant feeling totally, the white shower curtains will make you comfort, at the same time, it will give you the neat feeling. If you want to decorate your bathroom, then I think the white shower curtains will be a good choice for you, you could try them on.

white shower curtains

Generally speaking, the white color is very popular with the most people, when we try to decorate the bathroom, it is really a good choice.